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The Benefits of Custom Play and Fitness Destination Parks for Communities



When people think of parks and playgrounds, they generally consider the benefits for their own community. And don’t get us wrong - commercial parks offer endless rewards for their communities. Residents have a place to relax, socialize and watch their kids play. These spaces also encourage physical activity and healthy outdoor play.

But, did you know that play and fitness destination parks can also bring in people from a wider area, allowing your community to generate more money and tourism? It’s true! Let’s learn more about destination parks and how they can benefit kids near and far.

What are Play and Fitness Destination Parks? Why are they Beneficial?

Destination play and fitness destination parks are unique in that they bring communities together while incorporating a unique theme or local elements. They also do a nice job of creating a sense of community pride. Not only can you share this pride with your own community but also with visitors and guests. Creating multigenerational play and fitness spaces means everyone can enjoy the destination. There is something for everyone.

Here are a few benefits of having a custom destination park in your community:

  • Create a custom playground design. Create something truly unique for your community. When you work with a commercial playground supplier like Cunningham Recreation, you can construct something that’s one-of-a-kind and worth traveling to.

  • Celebrate your community heritage. You can work in a theme or incorporate your town’s local history to represent your community. For example, if your playground is going up in an old mining town, your park can feature a mining theme.

  • Bring people together. A destination park offers a safe, accessible place for people to gather together. They can host birthday parties, parades, picnics and other celebrations.

  • Add inclusive equipment. Inclusive playground equipment supports kids of all ages and abilities. By incorporating this equipment into your design, you create a happy place for everyone to enjoy themselves.

  • Add fitness equipment. Provide fitness equipment adjacent to the playground area so parents and older adolescents are able enjoy physical activity while they watch their children or siblings play. Adding a GT Challenge Course to your design is the perfect way to engage the entire family with its obstacle course activities. Multigenerational fitness spaces allow the entire family to get outdoors and develop healthy lifestyles.

Economic Benefits of Community Parks

While you may not think that you want visitors coming into your community, the benefits are far-reaching. A variety of economic benefits can be generated by parks, including:

  • Increased property values

  • Increased tax revenues

  • Boosted tourism revenue

  • Improved community attractiveness

  • Healthier community overall

To discuss a commercial playground for your community, contact Cunningham Recreation today.