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Shade for Parks and Playgrounds

Play It Cool

Want a play space that's cooler than the rest? Add some shade! Not only do shade structures add a unique look to your playground, they also keep it cool and comfortable for park guests.

Cunningham Recreation partners with GameTime to offer shade products that block up to 97% of the sun's harmful UV rays to help keep the playground equipment -- and the hands that use it -- cool. Our shade also cools the covered area by up to 25º (14ºC) making it more enjoyable for children and families.


GameTime Shade Benefits include:

  • Block up to 97% of harmful UV rays with various shade fabrics
  • Anti-Ravel™ Technology that prevents fraying and seam distress
  • Standard and high-wind load options on freestanding shade
  • Shown to lower the temperature of play and recreation spaces by up to 25º

GameTime's shade products not only offer quality and durability, they also are backed by a global network of certified sales, service and installation professionals who can help you select, install and maintain your shade products. That's peace of mind that's

Learn more about the types of shade available:

Integrated Shade for Play Systems

Freestanding Shade

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