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Outdoor Obstacle Course Activities for Every Generation

Challenge Course is GameTime's exclusive response to the fastest-growing segment of outdoor recreation: challenge and obstacle races. Designed to engage children and families -- together -- it is a perfect way to encourage multi-generational fitness and recreation. Challenge Course is an outdoor fitness destination that connects people of all ages and backgrounds to socialize with their family and friends while getting more fit. Join cities like Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Charlotte and Washington, DC that are creating a fun and social fitness experience for people of all generations and fitness levels.

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Challenge Course Pro

Challenge Course Pro series is designed for users age 13 and up, and it's the perfect way for teens and adults to enjoy a fun, social and competitive fitness experience. Add Challenge Course Pro to your park, middle/high school or university for fitness classes, sports training and community wellness.

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Challenge Course Youth

Designed to meet the playground equipment standards for children ages 5 to 12, Challenge Course Youth series offers the same obstacles as the Pro series at a smaller scale. Take school recess to the next level, or create an exciting play and fitness experience for older children at your local park.

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Choose from Pre-Designed Courses or Design Your Own

GameTime's pre-designed courses fit within 3,000-5,000 square feet and are available in both the Youth and Pro series. Want to create your own unique course? Our Design Your Own Challenge Course gives you the freedom to pick and choose any combination of Challenge Course components. Whether you design your own course or choose a pre-designed course, you can mix and match more than 15 color options to make your Challenge Course one-of-a-kind.

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The Stadium

The Next Big Thing in Obstacle Courses Just Got Smaller

The Stadium offers a complete obstacle course experience in a compact design. It features 10 unique challenges in less than 1,200 square feet. Designed for ASTM compliance with playground equipment for ages 5 to 12, it's the perfect way to keep older children active and having fun!

Each element of The Stadium was thoughtfully designed to appeal to children of every fitness and skill level. It features multiple routes of travel for children to create their own path, and a different path every time they play!

Make your Stadium experience cooler and more comfortable with our integrated shade. You'll get the same compact design with 10 obstacles in less than 1,200 square feet and an exciting way to make fitness fun!

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More obstacle course options!

Affordable obstacle course options for parks and schools with KidCourse®. KidCourse is designed to meet ASTM Standards for playground equipment. Help children ages 5-12 enjoy, fun, friendly competition and physical activity.

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Interested in adding a Challenge Course or The Stadium to your community?