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Lappset Interactive Play & Sports Equipment

Using Technology and Digital Gaming to Appeal to a New Generation

Interactive Play & Sports Equipment

Using technology and digital gaming to bring families outdoors!

Research shows that 74 percent of kids between the ages of 5 and 12 get less than one hour of outdoor play time per day. Experts say that ample outdoor activity is crucial to the health, well-being and development of children.

Our solution is to get children to go outdoors and remain outdoors for extended periods of time through Lappset interactive play and sports equipment. Interactive play is where the digital and physical worlds around us meet. In short, it is "real-life gaming." The electronic video game portion brings challenge, problem solving and a continued renewal of game options to play. The physical portion brings benefits such as exercise, social interaction, teamwork and experiencing the outdoors in a healthy manner.

Lappset interactive play equipment is suitable for all outdoor and indoor environments. Just like traditional play, interactive play can be performed anywhere! Lappset designs its interactive equipment to be both accessible and inclusive for people of all ability levels and ages. Solar options now available.

Browse our six interactive play and sports products below.

Sutu Interactive Ball Wall - Sutu Wall1 2341 1706567156

Sutu Interactive Ball Wall

  • Health-promoting and socially constructive
  • Remains challenging - games update regularly
  • Mobile app to compete against friends and community
  • Multigenerational and Inclusive Play and Fitness

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Sona Play and Dance Arch - Interactive Inclusive Sona Dance Arch 2342 1706567160

Sona Play and Dance Arch

  • Remains challenging - Games update regularly
  • Truly inclusive - transcends ages, physical and emotional abilities
  • Awesome workout - 40% more intensive than basketball
  • Multigenerational play - Family fun

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Luna - NEW! Cousin to the Sona Play and Dance Arch - Lappset Luna Image 1 2350 1706567473

Luna - NEW! Cousin to the Sona Play and Dance Arch

​Introducing the Lappset Luna Interactive dance and play spot - an inclusive playset that adds magic to any indoor space.

Luna is an interactive "playce" (play place) that magically responds to the players in it. It detects players' movement and reacts with sound and music. Children are encouraged to dance, play, and work together in various games. Every time you enter the field, you will be surprised with new games and challenges to discover together.

Whether it's indoor play centers, shopping malls, leisure centers, restaurants, hotels, schools, or any indoor place, Lappset Luna can transform it into a fun dance and play spot.

• Enjoy great fun in any indoor environment with minimal space
• Everyone can join the play without any physical barriers to enter
• Suitable for all ages, ensuring family fun
• Perfect for group games, accommodating up to 10 players simultaneously
• Encourages social interaction, with no screens or projectors
• Offers dynamic content for all skill levels and abilities

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Memo Play Pillars - Memo Close Up For Esser Pres 240129 171954 2344 1706567170

Memo Play Pillars

  • Platform for Physical Activity & Educational Learning
  • New game development - uploaded very easily
  • Combines the best of video games & outdoor play
  • Reinforces classroom learning

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Toro Interactive Sports Arena - Toro Image 566 1520347568

Toro Interactive Sports Arena

  • Great way for tactical and physical training
  • Social construction for larger and smaller groups
  • Interactive goals can fit in any sports arena
  • Fun at any age - Multigenerational

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Fono Interactive DJ Booth - Fono Dj Booth Hi Res 567 1520347576

Fono Interactive DJ Booth

  • Durable robust design - vandalism resistant
  • Positive meeting place for young people
  • Music from your smartphone or pre-installed sounds
  • Red Dot award winner

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Interested in learning more? Please contact us! Our team can provide additional information and help put together a quote for interactive play and sports equipment at your organization.