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Funding Resources & Capacity Building


Play 4 ALL: Aligning Resources, Inspiring Play, Impacting Communities

Play 4 ALL partners with communities to align missions and mobilize resources for the development of new or existing play and fitness spaces. Cunningham Recreation believes that every community deserves the opportunity to bring a new or revitalized play area to its neighborhood, and we understand that barriers often exist between your desire to help your community and the resources available. In partnership with Play 4 All, we can help you reach your goal by assessing and positioning your project to undergo a successful community campaign that secures community support and funding.

The Play 4 ALL team can help you:

  • Identify potential funders/partners from local, regional and national sources
  • Build awareness about your project & create a fund development plan
  • Strengthen your case for play in order to engage more investors
  • Secure volunteers, project spokespeople and committee members
  • Implement cause marketing strategies & coach your team on milestone events

Attaining the necessary resources yield play opportunities that greatly impact the health and wellness of a community. Cunningham Recreation is honored to help.


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Our Purpose


Play 4 All exists to bring social, public and private sectors together to create play and fitness spaces that positively impact health and wellness, promote understanding, and strengthen community.


We believe that every community should have the resources and opportunities to ensure play for its citizens.


We value the invigorating benefits of play, the vitality of childhood, equal access for quality family time and a community that comes together for the greater good.

Healing Communities Through Play - Building Communities Through Play Ferguson Build 316 1594341131

Healing Communities Through Play

Healing Communities Through Play is a Play 4 ALL initiative that focuses on bringing residents and Law Enforcement Officers together to work cooperatively on designing and building a community wide playground. Watch a powerful video on the impact of this program.

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Training Program

Play 4 ALL offers trainings, workshops, and webinars on a variety of topics involving community engagement, fund development, volunteer management, value of play, the power of inclusion and more. Play 4 ALL works closely with PlayCore’s Strategic Services team and together can come to your community/conference and provide a CEU session.

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