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Cunningham Recreation has been providing commercial playground equipment and park products since 1966. From neighborhoods to municipal parks, we've built thousands of playgrounds for children of all ages and all abilities. We partner with municipalities, schools, architects and youth organizations to plan, design and build their vision from the ground-up. We build memories that last.

Cunningham-Territory-Map-to-include-TX.jpg#asset:13902Cunningham Recreation is proud to serve as GameTime Play Equipment's exclusive representative in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Maryland, and DC.

  • Sports/Fitness Equipment
  • Playground Equipment
  • Custom Theme
  • Custom Design
  • Safety Surfacing Materials
  • Shade
  • Shelters
  • Site Furnishings
  • Bleachers
  • Press Boxes
  • Scoreboards
  • Water Play
  • Dog Parks

About Us

Playground Equipment - Scotts Ridge Playgrounds 23299669919 O 318 1539017465

Playground Equipment

We offer GameTime playground equipment. GameTime has been a pioneer in the commercial playground equipment industry since 1929. We offered the first commercially available inclusive playgrounds and were leaders in the advent of custom, themed playgrounds.

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment - Challenge Course 21665246921 O 319 1539017469

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Through GameTime, Cunningham Recreation can provide outdoor fitness equipment and solutions to help communities become more active so that they can combat the health risks associated with obesity.

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Surfacing, Sports, & Site Amenities - Hugh Macrae Park Inclusive Playground 28242067070 O 320 1539017476

Surfacing, Sports, & Site Amenities

You have to choose the right benches, picnic tables, grills and trash receptacles to complete the perfect park. Through GameTime, Cunningham offers turnkey solutions for park and recreation directors to create a community destination.

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Commercial Outdoor Play Equipment
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Hugh Mac Rae Fitness
Hugh Macrae Park Inclusive Playground 27908796734 O
Hugh Macrae Park Inclusive Playground 28447449001 O
Hugh Macrae Park Inclusive Playground 28447878431 O
Havens Gardens Park Inclusive Playground 28239254046 O
Havens Gardens Park Inclusive Playground 28239253746 O
Havens Gardens Park Inclusive Playground 28195103101 O
Havens Gardens Park Inclusive Playground 28273470195 O