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What Equipment Should an Inclusive Playground Have


Are you building an inclusive playground for your neighborhood, school or organization? An inclusive play space is where children of all abilities can play and enjoy a wide range of social, physical and sensory experiences on various types of play equipment. This is a wonderful gift to give to your community, and it all starts with choosing the right inclusive playground equipment.

Designing and building a custom playground offers a lot of flexibility, but there are certain things you’ll want to have. Below are some examples of inclusive equipment.

Ramped Play Structures for Mobility Devices

One of the most important features on an inclusive playground is having a play structure with an accessible ramp. This allows children with mobility devices to actually access and use the play structure and play right along-side other children. Cunningham Recreation offers a number of inclusive play structures that are fully accessible. They accommodate all children and are durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear.

Cozy, Quiet Spaces

Children with autism or who are on the autism spectrum can benefit from cozy, quiet spaces. Keeping with the idea of inclusion, remember you will have younger children as well, so designing a play space with a perimeter so children cannot wonder off is very important as well. You can also choose a playground design that offers various nooks and crannies for children to relax in such as tunnels and alcoves, and other play pieces specifically designed as cozy, quiet spaces for children who may get over stimulated and need to take a time-out.

Therapeutic Rings

Therapeutic rings develop muscles and upper body strength. Kids of all ages and abilities can use these rings while working on skills like taking turns. Not only do therapeutic rings help with gross motor skills but also fine motor skills. By keeping a strong grip, kids can fine tune the skills needed for handwriting and playing with small toys.

Activity Panels

Activity panels provide a wide range of activities on a single platform. Kids can express themselves through music, work on hand-eye coordination or talk to other kids through a talk tube. By placing these panels in a quiet space, kids with special needs can get away from all the noise while still engaging from a distance. As well as them being considered a ground level accessible play component.

Inclusive Swings

No playground is complete without a set of swings! Be sure to accommodate all children by adding inclusive swings to your custom playground design. These swings are snug and supportive, allowing children to enjoy a high ride while keeping safe. We always recommend fitting these swings with a harness for added safety and protection. We have a wide selection of inclusive swing options.

Create Your Custom Playground Today

An inclusive playground is one of the best things you can do for your community. You’ll be able to bridge the gap between children with different abilities while also giving parents a place to connect and socialize. Cunningham Recreation offers a number of inclusive playground designs, or you can build your own. Contact us today to learn more about our options for inclusive play.