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Why Children Love Themed Playgrounds


Why Children Love Themed Playgrounds

What’s better than a colorful playground filled with slides, tunnels and climbers? A playground that follows a fun theme!

Themed playgrounds are just like regular parks except they follow a specific theme. Everything is custom designed to fit in with this topic, making these play structures interesting and inviting to kids of all ages.

Planning a themed park can also make things easier for you because you’ll have a framework to follow. You can work with a playground design expert to pick the colors, graphics, safety surfacing and equipment that will bring your theme to life.

Below are the reasons why themed commercial playgrounds are highly desirable to kids and families alike.

Encourage Strong Sensory Play

Modern playgrounds offer more than a place to run and jump. They prevent numerous opportunities for kids to engage in sensory play, which is especially important for children with special needs.

Consider the highly popular nature-themed play areas. Kids can use their senses to explore a wide range of textures and visuals found in the natural world. Top a nature-inspired park off with artificial turf and your playground will fit in beautifully with the rest of the neighborhood.

Foster Imaginative Play

If you’ve ever watched kids play at the park, most use their imaginations to engage in role play. What looks like a simple ramp to us adults transforms into a plank on a giant pirate ship. Or, a spider web climbing net becomes an oversized mountain. The possibilities are endless!

By choosing a specific theme, you can inspire kids to use their imaginations and create storylines that encourage group play. Kids will love coming to your park because they can continue being a pirate, mountain climber or outdoor explorer.

Promote Childhood Development

When kids role play, they’re developing their minds and bodies. A fire truck playground helps kids envision themselves racing to the firehouse. A boat-inspired park makes kids feel like they’re on a boat meeting mermaids and sea creatures. Kids also get to take on different roles and act out their parts together, supporting socialization.

Popular Themes to Consider

At the community level, people will appreciate having a refreshing park that blends in with the existing landscape. Here are some popular themes to consider for your playground:

  • Fitness or ninja challenge theme
  • Transportation theme like trains, fire trucks or boats
  • Nature-inspired theme with various textures, insects, animal prints, etc.
  • Sports themes - baseball, soccer, football and hockey
  • Music themes that include playground instruments and sensory equipment

If you’re ready to discuss a themed playground for your community, contact Cunningham Recreation today. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you design an award-winning themed park that kids and families will enjoy daily!