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How To Design the Commercial Playground of Your Dreams



Are you designing a new commercial playground for an HOA, school, church or other organization? If so, you’ll quickly discover that there’s more to designing a great park than buying equipment. Rather, it’s up to you to create a comfortable space for everyone to enjoy with activities for all ages and abilities.

Below are some helpful tips for creating the commercial playground of your dreams.

Opt for inclusive playground equipment

Inclusive playground equipment ensures all children have the opportunity to participate in meaningful play. Cunningham Recreation will help you design an inclusive playground that incorporates equipment for all ages and abilities. We believe in inclusive play…PLAY is for everyone.

Incorporate shade and relaxation

People will enjoy taking breaks at your park regardless of the season or temperature. Be sure that your playground has durable commercial park benches, spacious picnic tables and shade structures where visitors can get out of the hot sun and grab a bite to eat.

Offer otdoor fitness equipment

Some of the latest playgrounds include athletic equipment like challenge courses and training stations. This equipment encourages people of all ages to be more active so they can combat the health risks of obesity and high blood pressure. Plus, it might be the push Mom and Dad need to get their kids off to your park!

Extend play to four-legged friends

Many people enjoy taking their dogs to the park so they can get out in the fresh air and interact with other pups. Give pet owners dog park equipment where their four-legged friends can safely run around and play. Opt for individual pieces like doggy crawls and dog hoop jumps or complete courses!

Account for litter management

Make it easy for people to clean up after themselves. This includes strategically placing garbage bins and recycling stations throughout your park to reduce littering. Consider the natural flow of traffic and where visitors would expect trash receptacles to be, such as near picnic areas and drinking fountains.

Choose the right playground equipment supplier

One last thing to point out is the importance of choosing the right commercial playground suppliers. Cunningham Recreation has built thousands of playgrounds across the United States. We’ll work closely with you to design and build a commercial playground that offers fun and excitement for people of all ages and abilities.

If you’re ready to create a custom playground design, contact Cunningham Recreation today. We’ll be happy to discuss your goals for the project and provide you with a custom quote.