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Equipment Every Dog Park Needs



Dog parks provide benefits to dog owners, their pets and the community at large. These friendly spaces encourage social interaction and provide a clean, safe space where dogs can get exercise off the leash. Dog parks are especially beneficial in urban areas where not everyone has a large, fenced-in backyard.

Now, you may have noticed that not all dog parks are the same. Some are thoughtfully designed with perks like resting areas and leash holders. Others are literally a gated off area with nothing else. So, how can you create a dog park that is functional and beautiful for your community? Here is the dog park equipment that every dog park needs.

Hoop Jumps

Hoop jumps are available in different sizes so that dogs of all breeds, sizes and abilities feel comfortable using them. These jumps allow dogs to practice agility training and tricks. With increasing heights, dogs can work their way higher as their confidence and skill builds.

Walking Planks

This A-frame design provides a challenging course for dogs to walk or run on. They start on an incline and then descend down the other side at a pace that is comfortable to them. This dog obstacle is great for building endurance and agility. For safety and stability, be sure to choose dog park agility equipment with slip-resistant traction.

Weave Posts

Weave posts feature sturdy poles that can be set up in a variety of ways for customized training. They’re a great way to get rid of a dog’s excess energy, and pet owners love that they strengthen the muscles, improve coordination and increase endurance.

Stepping Paws

Stepping paws require dogs to step or jump onto each platform. The pods increase and decrease in height, giving each dog a mental and physical challenge. By running up and down the pods, dogs strengthen balance and coordination, plus release excess energy.

Doggie Crawls

Just like kids on the playground, dogs love doggie crawls. These classic crawl tunnels provide a wide diameter so that dogs of all sizes and shapes can run through them. Be sure to choose doggie crawls that feature spyholes for brightness, breathability and supervision.

Jump Overs

Jump overs are just as they sound - a simple bar for dogs to jump over. These bars are typically adjustable so they can be moved higher or lower to challenge each dog’s agility and coordination.

Paws Table

A paws table is another great addition to a dog park. This provides a place where dogs can catch a break or practice sit and stay commands. High-quality paws tables should be soft on the paws and slip-resistant.

Cunningham Recreation is a trusted name for durable, long-lasting dog park equipment. We have various courses to fit your needs and budget, and all equipment features UV protection, superior adhesion and resistance to vandalism and urine. To learn more about adding a dog park to your facility, contact us today.