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The Benefits of a Park with Outdoor Fitness Equipment


Commercial playgrounds provide a wide, open space for kids to run and play. But with today’s versatile selection of outdoor fitness equipment, community parks are being transformed into more than a child’s play place. Parents, caregivers and other members in the community can also enjoy the park while squeezing in a workout.

If you’re considering adding outdoor fitness equipment to your custom playground design, you won’t be disappointed - and neither will your neighborhood! Below are the benefits to expect from a multigenerational park.

Improve health and longevity

Regular exercise is the key to health and wellness. Many people say they prefer to exercise outdoors, but this can be difficult to do when there’s nowhere to go! Thankfully, outdoor fitness equipment provides the perfect spot for people in the community to exercise, relieve stress and soak up vitamin D.

Attract new users to the playground

Commercial playgrounds usually have no problem attracting kids, but what if you’re looking to serve a new audience as well? Offering fitness equipment makes your park attractive to all ages - teens, young adults and older adults. This will transform your park into a fitness destination that has a little something for everyone.

Promote friendships

Communities are strongest when the residents are close and connected. However, many people don’t know their neighbors at all, and this can lead to social isolation and depression. To strengthen community ties, it’s important to have common spots that appeal to everyone. Make sure your custom playground design includes a park, water play equipment and outdoor fitness equipment.

Qualify for grants

It’s possible that your playground design may qualify for a grant based on its goal to prevent and reduce obesity. Imagine being part of this movement and promoting a whole health solution in your own community! It’s wonderful PR, and you can make a difference in the health and well-being of your friends and neighbors. You can start your search for funding here or contact Cunningham Recreation for information.

Provide revenue opportunities

Looking to bring some extra money into your community? An outdoor fitness park provides a safe and accessible place for people to offer organized classes like yoga or tai chi. To make this work, trainers can rent the space for an hourly fee. The equipment can also be used by firefighters, police teams, college athletes, etc. to train in a real world environment.

Could your neighborhood benefit from a park with outdoor fitness equipment? If so, contact Cunningham Recreation to learn more about our playground and fitness equipment. We design and build parks and playgrounds that promote happy, healthy communities!