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The Basics About Planning an Adult Outdoor Fitness Park



Deciding to add an outdoor adult fitness park to your community can be fun but overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider as you begin planning yours. There are a variety of elements you can include to promote a total body workout while ensuring comfort and functionality for the user. First you will want to consider your overall site location, the configuration of the equipment, type of equipment and instructions for the users.

Site Location

When selecting your site location, you will want to consider ease of access to the overall location, as well as spacing layout and what type of fitness you are promoting. Taking into consideration the typology of the area is very important. Will this be an area for group fitness, instruction lead classes, will it include a trail and is there enough space for adequate use zones.


Configuration or placement of the equipment will primarily be determined by the type of fitness you are promoting, and the physical space needed for usability and functionality. Other things to consider regarding configuration, are flow, communication between users and again adequate use zones. If you are placing the fitness area near an existing playground, remember to stay outside of the use zones of the play area, but install the fitness equipment in close proximity so parents and/or caregivers can watch their children while exercising.

Equipment and Signage

Consider fitness pieces that will provide a total body workout for the user, as well equipment that will accommodate all levels and abilities for greater usage. There are four elements of a well-rounded fitness program: muscle fitness, balance and flexibility, core fitness and aerobic fitness. Most importantly, when selecting equipment make sure you are getting durable equipment that will withstand the outdoor elements. Broken equipment or equipment that is inadequate will quickly discourage users.

Providing instructional signage to encourage proper usage of equipment and instructional guidance is also very important. QR codes with instruction videos are also very helpful as most users have some sort of mobile device.

In an effort to increase enjoyment and get maximum use of your adult outdoor fitness area, consider Playcore’s Outdoor Adult Fitness Best Practices. If you would like us to assist you in planning an adult outdoor fitness park, please contact Michele at 800.438.2780 ext. 200 or email us at