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Lappset: Interactive Play and Sports Equipment for Schools


In recent years, the evolution of playground equipment has significantly impacted the way children play and learn. Gone are the days when playgrounds were simply about swings and slides. Today, interactive playground equipment has started to take center stage, offering a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond physical activity.

Schools, in particular, have begun to recognize the value of incorporating interactive elements into their outdoor play areas. If you are considering the same for your school, it’s worth exploring the interactive equipment from Lappset/Yalp Interactives such as the Sona, Luna, Memo, Toro and Sutu.


The Sona: Interactive Play and Dance Arch

The Sona is an interactive play and dance arch that adds a whole new dimension to play. It stands at an impressive four meters tall, which means it’s bound to make a statement on any elementary school playground. All kids have to do is approach the arch and it will ask if they’d like to play a game!

Utilizing technology to create unique interactive experiences, the Sona gets kids moving and dancing while practicing math facts and other educational material. And, with the ability to customize player preferences and playstyles, this is one piece of equipment that everyone at the school can use!

The Luna: Interactive Play Spot Specifically for Indoor Space

The Luna is the NEWEST Lappset (Yalp) Interactive, a cousin to Sona. The Luna is an interactive dance play spot that adds magic to any indoor space. This makes it especially beneficial for schools in colder climates, as they often have a harder time getting kids outdoors for recess. The Luna magically responds to players by detecting their movement and reacting with sounds and music. This encourages kids to dance, play and work together in various games.

Since the Luna does not use screens or projectors, you can use it in any space, dark or light. It provides endless fun for all ages and even incorporates learning through various dance moves and math equations. The Luna is also inclusive, allowing children of all ages and abilities to join the fun without physical barriers.

The Memo: Interactive Play Pillars

The Memo Interactive Play Pillars is an interactive playset that provides an exciting gaming experience. There are seven pillars equipped with 360-degree LED touch screens for an arcade-like experience. Kids can enjoy the endless games that challenge them academically, from spelling challenges to math problems. This product reinforces classroom learning

As a flagship product, the Memo has been revolutionizing playgrounds for over 15 years. This concept includes our Didactic Guide, which provides an interactive approach to learning in all weather conditions. With Lappset Memo, children can access educational games that develop problem-solving skills through play. This brings us to our next innovation: Lappset’s Outdoor Classroom curriculum.

Outdoor Classroom Curriculum

You didn’t think we were going to throw a bunch of playground equipment at you and expect you to figure it out, did you? Cunningham Recreation is not only committed to designing and building playgrounds for schools and communities but also educating people on the importance of physical activity and unstructured play.

To ease schools into an outdoor curriculum, we are pleased to offer the Lappset Didactic Guide. With over 200 pages of instructions, lessons, worksheets and inspiration, schools can engage students in outdoor learning. You can download the guide here or contact us to order the full classroom kit, which includes one guide in a binder format and six premium vests for students/players. This curriculum is also included with the Lappset Memo.


The Toro: Interactive Sports Arena

The Toro equips schools with an interactive sports arena that includes a variety of interactive games. The compact space keeps players engaged with the ball, while the sloping corners and four goals give players plenty of chances to score. Students will end up pushing themselves - which is great for skill building and self-esteem - while having fun.

A huge benefit of the Toro is that it engages many kids at once. Whether students are playing soccer, field hockey or another sport, the Toro allows for team play. This gives kids the opportunity to play together in larger groups, compete, win/lose and test their teamwork and communication skills.

The Sutu: Interactive Ball Wall

Another option for interactive playground equipment is the Sutu Interactive Ball Wall. This playset blends together the latest advances in technology with user-friendly designs that are perfect for all ages. Even professional athletes use the Sutu to perfect their skills and precision! Why not these young aspiring student athletes.

The ball wall contains 16 illuminated LED panels powered by vibration sensors. This allows users to practice skills like concentration, balance and coordination while having a blast. Schools appreciate the fact that Sutu can accommodate multiple children at once while being strong, durable and resistant to vandalism.

To learn more about the interactive play and sports equipment and outdoor curriculum from Lappset, contact Cunningham Recreation today. We can help you create a learning environment that appeals to a new generation of students.