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Meeting Community Expectations: Best Practices for HOAs in Choosing the Right Playground Equipment


Meeting Community Expectations: Best Practices for HOAs in Choosing the Right Playground Equipment

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) play a crucial role in shaping the communal environment and enhancing the quality of life for residents. When it comes to choosing playground equipment for community spaces, the responsibility becomes even more significant. Striking a balance between safety, fun and meeting community expectations is essential.

Let’s explore the best practices for HOAs when selecting the right playground equipment. This is important information to know as an increasing number of people are living in HOAs. In Florida, Vermont and Oregon, the states where HOAs are most common, 40 percent of the population lives in an HOA!

Understand Community Needs and Demographics

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The first step in choosing the right playground equipment is understanding the needs and demographics of the community. Consider the age range of the residents, the presence of families with young children and the preferences of older kids. A diverse range of equipment that caters to various age groups ensures that the playground remains relevant and engaging for everyone.

Keep in mind that there are creative ways to expand your playground vision and cater to more demographics. For example, if the community has a lot of kids and pets, consider adding a nearby dog park as well. If there are a lot of adults without children who enjoy working out, think about adding walking trails, adult outdoor fitness equipment or a challenge course.

Prioritize Safety Standards

Safety should be the top priority when selecting playground equipment. Ensure that all equipment complies with relevant safety standards and guidelines. Look for certifications from reputable safety organizations and manufacturers.

Also, conduct thorough inspections and routine maintenance to keep the playground safe for all users. Since this can be a huge task, many HOAs hire a playground maintenance company to handle routine inspections, repairs and maintenance. And of course, make sure HOA residents know what number to call if there is an issue, allowing for prompt reporting.

Emphasize Inclusivity and Accessibility

Emphasize Inclusivity and Accessibility

A community playground or park should be a space where all residents, regardless of abilities, can participate and have fun. Choose equipment that promotes inclusivity and accessibility, incorporating features such as ramps for mobile devices, adaptive swings and sensory rich play elements, including quiet spaces.

Other factors to consider include bathrooms, water fountains, trash receptacles, bike parking and fencing. The playground should be a nice addition to the community and should not disrupt those living nearby. Depending on the layout of the neighborhood, you may have to consider installing shrubs or fencing to establish boundaries.

Seek Community Input

Involve the community in the decision-making process by seeking input on the types of equipment they would like to see in the playground. Conduct surveys, host community HOA meetings and create online forums to gather opinions and preferences. This not only fosters a sense of ownership among residents but also helps in choosing equipment that resonates with the community.

Plan for Long-Term Sustainability

Investing in durable and low-maintenance playground equipment is essential for long-term sustainability. Choose materials that can withstand varying weather conditions and heavy use. Additionally, establish a routine maintenance plan to address wear and tear promptly. Collaborate with local businesses or organizations for sponsorship opportunities that support ongoing maintenance efforts.

Playground Equipment for Your HOA

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Selecting the right playground equipment for a community is a collaborative effort that involves understanding the needs, ensuring safety and fostering inclusivity. By prioritizing these elements, HOAs can create a playground that not only meets community expectations but also becomes a cherished space for residents of all ages.

To discuss your options for playground equipment for your HOA, contact Cunningham Recreation. We have designed many playgrounds for HOAs, housing authorities and apartment complexes, ensuring that children have a safe place to run, play and socialize with others.