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The Best of Both Worlds – Interactive Play and Sports Products for Your Community Park


The Best of Both Worlds – Interactive Play and Sports Products for Your Community Park

Improving or building a park in your community isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Years ago, there weren’t many options aside from new playground equipment and safety surfacing. Today, the possibilities for upgrading are endless. You can pick a theme for your playground, incorporate natural elements and build ‘up’ with cubes and towers, which is ideal for urban spaces.

Another thing to look into is the addition of interactive playground equipment. This type of equipment will turn an ordinary playground into an inclusive play space that accommodates people of all ages and abilities. Here’s everything builders need to know about creating an interactive and inclusive playground.

The Importance of Inclusive Playgrounds

Children Playing at Inclusive Playground

An inclusive playground is a well-designed play space that welcomes people of all abilities to play, learn and grow. These playgrounds become multigenerational gathering spaces for community enjoyment, socialization, creative fun and fitness.

Some of the elements to include in an inclusive park are:

  • Universal design that benefits everyone
  • Site furnishings such as restrooms, pathways, benches, etc.
  • Shade structures to keep people and equipment cool
  • Safety surfacing to protect kids from falls
  • Interactive equipment for shared experiences

Interactive Equipment Merges Sports and Tech

Sutu Wall Interactive Sports Equipment Technology

Interactive equipment combines active play and sports with technology. It’s similar to real-life gaming. Yalp by Lappset is the company we at Cunningham Recreation turn to when clients want to incorporate interactive play and sports equipment into their designs.

Yalp Interactive play and sports equipment bring the digital and physical worlds together and are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Kids of all ages and abilities can use this equipment, and it tends to accommodate many children at once. Best of all, it’s not just for kids. People of all ages enjoy the fun and games of Yalp Interactive. You can check out this smart park technology here.

Elements to Account for in Park Design

Inclusive and Interactive Playground Equipment - Sona Arch

You can easily add interactive equipment to an existing public park or school playground. Or, it can be part of a brand new playground design. The equipment is durable and high quality, requiring little maintenance. For example, the Sona Dance and Play Arch has a robust design and is vandalism resistant. Plus, the games can be changed or updated regularly.

Here are some of the elements we recommend focusing on:

  • Budget. What does your budget allow? Do you plan to install one interactive play or sports piece alongside traditional playground equipment, or more?
  • Maintenance. Who will be in charge of maintaining and managing the interactive pieces? While they are vandalism- and weather-resistant, it’s still important to make sure the equipment is working properly. Fortunately, Yalp can troubleshoot online without having to physically be there!
  • Power. Interactive play equipment also requires a small amount of electricity, about the same amount as a light bulb. All you need is a simple power connection. Yalp also offers ‘green’ solutions through Yalp Solar.

Talk to Us about Your Inclusive, Interactive Play and Sports Products!

Hopefully this has got you thinking about the advantages of having an interactive play and sports park for the community you’re working with. As the world becomes more tech-savvy, companies like Cunningham Recreation are finding new opportunities to promote fitness, fun and optimal wellness.