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3 Good Reasons to Add a Family Fit Zone in Your Community


A Family Fit Zone design with outdoor fitness and recreation equipment at a park

Family Fit Zones are multigenerational play and fitness parks that provide families the opportunity to practice good health and wellness together. Rather than having parents sit on the park bench while their kids play, Family Fit Zones get the whole family involved! There might be fitness stations for adults, playground equipment for kids and interactive equipment for tweens and teens.

The goal of a Family Fit Zone is to provide a space that appeals to all ages, abilities and fitness levels. The space also has shade for keeping cool, picnic tables for taking breaks and other amenities like safety surfacing, artificial turf, benches, restrooms and trash receptacles. These fit zones are typically large and surrounded by green spaces for the ultimate experience.

Below are three great reasons to add a Family Fit Zone to your community. Trust us when we say that your community will love it, and you’ll be promoting good health and wellness and multigenerational play.

1. Encourage Physical Activity in Families

Concept of an interactive and inclusive park area for sports and recreation

Participating in family physical activities helps children gain life skills and health benefits, such as leadership skills, teamwork and decision making. It also helps children develop healthy habits that will carry over into adulthood.

This is important as children today are less active than ever. Over the past three decades, obesity rates in kids have tripled in the U.S., and one out of every six children is obese. In many instances, inactive lifestyles start in youth. Offering fun, interactive Family Fit Zones can help reverse this trend.

2. Multigenerational Play

Playing together is fun, but too often, it’s left to the kids. But there’s no reason why families can’t enjoy playing together. We all need to feel like kids sometimes! People of all ages benefit from physical activity and access to vitamin D and fresh air.

Also important are the interactions that kids and adults get to experience together. These rich intergenerational interactions develop good language skills, empathy and self-regulation. Many adults agree that they would love to have more interactions with their kids, but they’re not sure how. Fortunately, Family Fit Zones provide this platform.

3. Something for Everyone to Love!

Fitness equipment in family-friendly park design

Family Fit Zones also make great additions to communities because they offer a safe space where people of all ages and abilities can play, engage with others and achieve better fitness.

Grandparents can watch their toddler grandchild climb while Mom and Dad squeeze in a workout on the fitness stations. And the older kids will enjoy running and playing on the interactive play and sports equipment. It’s a fun afternoon for all - and it doesn’t have to cost a dime!

Start Designing Your Family Fit Zone Today!

To learn more about adding a Family Fit Zone to your community, contact Cunningham Recreation today. We have great design concepts you can work off, or you can create your own! We also have a number of site furnishings to complete your design and make your Family Fit Zone the best place to be!