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How to Create a Family Fit Zone


How to Create a Family Fit Zone

Family fit zones are multigenerational play and fitness parks that provide the entire family with an opportunity to play, stay physically active and prioritize healthy habits. Family fit zones can vary in size, layout and price, but each one should include a traditional play component, an interactive component and obstacle course activities, along with shade structures, safety surfacing and other site furnishings.

If you’re considering adding a family fit zone to your community, it helps to gather all the information you can. This way, you can design a spectacular space that supports play and fitness for all ages!

Tips for Creating a Family Fit Zone

Surprisingly, the average American child only spends 4 to 7 minutes outdoors each day. The EPA also reports that the average American spends about 93 percent of their lives indoors. Imagine how many opportunities your family could be missing out on to be physically fit, active and healthy?

It’s clear that communities need more family fit zones. Here are four steps to creating a multigenerational play space for your community.

Traditional Play Equipment

Because many families have toddlers between the ages of 2 and 5, it’s important to include traditional play equipment in your family fit zone. Be sure to include age-appropriate play equipment for children 2-5 and 5-12 so everyone can enjoy their time outdoors, be challenged and stay physically active.

Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The gym isn’t the only place where adults can work out. Outdoor fitness equipment lets parents stay physically fit while their children play on the playground equipment. Be sure to include fitness equipment that accommodates all workout goals, such as upper/lower body machines, strength/flexibility machines and cardiovascular. GT Challenge Course or THRIVE fitness structures are also great options for outdoor fitness equipment.

Yalp Interactive Play and Sports Equipment

Another section you’ll want to include in your family fit zone is an interactive play space. If you’re not familiar with interactive play equipment, get ready to be amazed! Cunningham Recreation offers a handful of unique interactive play structures such as a light-up ball wall, a play-and-dance arch and a DJ booth. These interactive play and sports products are multigenerational and truly inclusive.

Shade and Site Furnishings

Don’t forget to complete your family fit zone with the appropriate site furnishings. Place shade structures strategically throughout the space to keep families comfortable while they play and stay fit together. Also provide picnic tables and benches so that families may bring a picnic lunch and stay longer.

Design Your Family Fit Zone Today

Together, these four components make up a family fit zone. There is traditional play equipment for younger children, challenge courses for older kids and adults, outdoor fitness equipment for those needing to exercise and interactive fun for kids and adults of all ages. To discuss the addition of a family fit zone in your community, contact Cunningham Recreation today.