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5 Functional and Fabulous Park Entry Ideas for 2023


Playground Entryway Ideas

When people arrive at your park, you want them to feel welcome right from the start. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by creating an eye-catching park entrance. Not only will this type of entry capture your visitors’ attention, but also it will make them feel like they are immersing themselves in a different environment.

If you are looking for ideas to spruce up your park entrance, here are five fabulous ones to consider!

1. Themed Entrance

One idea that gives you plenty of room for customization is a themed entrance. Maybe your park features pirate- or castle-themed playground equipment. You can use this theme to design a welcoming and innovative entrance that features a giant ship or castle. To expand on this idea, choose a name for your park that represents its theme - such as Walk the Plank Park. You may even want to design your own slogan or mascot to greet visitors at the entrance.

2. Monument, Statue or Playful Art

Nature and Butterfly Themed Park Entry Statue

Monuments and statues can also be added to your entrance to make it stand out. Choose something simple and subtle, such as a large rock or boulder with the park’s name, pick a large statue related to the history of the town, or even a playful art piece. If you do choose to go this route, include a plaque that shares historical information about the statue and what it represents.

3. Pavilion

A park entrance that features a pavilion may be practical, but there are plenty of ways to jazz up this structure. For instance, you can choose stone columns, a rounded roof or built-in lighting. You can also combine other features to make your pavilion more special, such as a small statue or speakers that play music. We also recommend installing picnic benches so that people can sit under the pavilion as they enter and exit the park.

4. Park Entrance Gate

A gate can also serve as an entrance into your park. Gates are common for public spaces because they are an easy and effective way for visitors to know when the park is closed. Most public parks are open from dawn to dusk, so the gates will shut when the park is closed. Of course, there are plenty of ways to customize an entry gate, such as by planting flowers or adding signage.

5. Entrance Station

It’s possible that your park could benefit from an entrance station, which is the first stop for people entering your space. Entrance stations are recommended when you plan to collect entrance fees, hand out maps or passes, share safety information and or even a place to include hand sanitizers and benches. These stations are not needed for all parks - they are generally reserved for larger parks with many trails, walking paths and activities. However, they can still be a nice way to greet visitors and share information.

Cunningham Recreation can help you design a functional park entry for your recreation space. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and how they can create an immersive and unique experience for park visitors!