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Top Public Playground Ideas for 2023


Top Public Playground Ideas for 2023

Whether you plan to upgrade your playground or build a new one, it’s helpful to know the latest trends. This way, you can incorporate some of these trends into your playground and separate your play space from others. Fortunately, you’re building your playground in the right year, as 2023 is bound to shine! Playground equipment is more fun, innovative and accessible than ever before - the possibilities for play are endless!

Below are some of our best ideas to consider for your public playground in 2023. Hopefully some of these will inspire new and refreshing ideas for your own play space!

Natural Playgrounds

Nature Themed Park Playground with Natural Elements

Nature-inspired playgrounds are increasing in popularity - and for good reason! They can incorporate the surrounding landscape, which means less work and better use of your budget. For example, you can include trails, boulders, rocks, tree stumps, etc. into your design - kids love climbing and exploring these items! Natural playgrounds are also popular because they can seamlessly fit into urban and suburban spaces with their natural color palette.

Theme Playgrounds

Nautical Themed Public Park Playground

If you want to create your own signature playground, consider a theme playground that follows a specific theme such as farm animals, outer space or deep sea creatures. Having a theme makes it easier to choose the play equipment, colors and design for your space, and it gives kids the opportunity to use their imagination in ways they might not have thought of before!

Climbing Walls and Nets

Kids love to climb - period! In the past, parents were worried about letting kids climb because they didn’t want them to fall and suffer a head injury. But today, there is a greater push for safe risk taking, as it allows kids to take risks in a safe environment so they can develop confidence, self-esteem and valuable life skills. So - don’t be afraid to include climbing nets and walls into your design, along with an appropriate safety surfacing like poured-in-place rubber.

Play Cubes and Towers

Another idea you might want to incorporate in your playground design is architectural cubes, spheres and towers. Playgrounds with these features tend to be modern looking, and they often accommodate older children. The materials are available in metal or plastic, allowing you to choose a colorful play design or a more contemporary look. Many customers ask to combine play cubes with towers. When kids climb to the top, they get the reward of having an aerial view of their surroundings.

Inclusive Playground Equipment

Inclusive Playground Equipment for Public Park

In the U.S., about one in six children have a developmental disability. Years ago, playgrounds did not accommodate children with disabilities, which meant they didn’t have the same opportunities to engage in healthy play with other children. Today, there is a wide range of inclusive playground equipment, allowing children with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, etc. to engage with their peers.

Ready to build a new public playground, or update your current playground? Contact Cunningham Recreation and let’s discuss some of the ideas you have and how you can bring them to life!