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Ways to Help Champion Your Play and Fitness Projects Across the Finish Line


Ways to Help Champion Your Play and Fitness Projects Across the Finish Line

One of the hardest parts about planning a play and fitness project is aligning and utilizing resources. Fortunately, Play 4 ALL can help you reach your project goal by assessing and positioning a play, fitness or splash pad project. Play 4 ALL is the social impact and community resource division of Cunningham Recreation, and it can help take your project across the finish line!

Play 4 ALL is available to all Cunningham Recreation customers at no cost. Take advantage of this program to make the most of your commercial playground or fitness project. Here are some of the ways that Play 4 ALL can champion your play and fitness project.

Grants and Funding

There are various grants and charitable gifts available for building commercial parks and playgrounds. This money is there for you to use, though the key is to find and access them.

Play 4 All will help you do this by finding potential funders/partners, building awareness about your project and designing a sponsorship program. This way, you’ll acquire the grants and donations you need to start your project.

In-House Fundraising

Aside from grants and funding, you can also generate money for your playground project on your own. This can be especially beneficial for schools, churches and daycare facilities. As part of the Play 4 All program, your team will be trained on fundraising strategies and tools. This way, your fundraising team can generate more interest in your project, as well as more dollars.

Award-Winning Designs

Cunningham Recreation will work with you to create an award-winning design for your play or fitness project. Your commercial playground design will be based on your organization’s or your community’s goals for the project—how you want to impact the community. Depending on the type of project you are considering, we will use our research-based principals of design and best practices. Many of our play and fitness projects are based on and include PlayCore’s Seven Principles of Inclusive Design, best practices in adult outdoor fitness, and/or GameTime’s PlayOn! program for active students.

High Quality Equipment

All outdoor play and fitness spaces built by Cunningham Recreation use quality, innovative playground equipment from GameTime. We know how important it is to have durable, long-lasting equipment that will hold up well to wear and tear. This is an investment, and you want it to be a solid one!

Superior Project Management

To ensure that you reach the finish line with your project, it’s important to have dedicated, organized project management. As part of Play 4 ALL and Cunningham Recreation, we offer top notch project management from start to finish. You never have to be “in the dark” about the status of your project.

Play 4 ALL is one of the many perks of working with Cunningham Recreation. Remember, this is FREE to all customers. We want to make sure that every community, regardless of their resources and socioeconomic status, has what they need to build safe, accessible and inclusive play and fitness spaces. Cunningham Recreation’s Play 4 ALL Campaign is impacting communities everywhere.