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Custom Playground Design Capabilities


Custom Playground Design Capabilities

The month of April is World Landscape Architecture Month, a time to celebrate landscape architecture in both public and private spaces. Even though many people may not be aware of it, landscape architects are in fact very connected to the park and recreation industry. Play and fitness spaces are the perfect canvas for creative, architectural design.

Since the month of April is dedicated to landscape architecture, we figured it was a good time to cover the custom playground design capabilities and how Cunningham Recreation can work with landscape architects to create extraordinary play and fitness spaces. Let’s dig in!

Anything You Can Dream, We Can Build

custom playground design

Preconfigured play structures certainly have their benefits, and they’re a great fit for many projects. But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind play space, you’ll want to consider a custom playground design.

Cunningham Recreation has a team of designers, artists and engineers who will work with you to create the perfect play space. We can incorporate stand-alone custom play sculptures, themed elements and interactive equipment depending on your budget and the ages you’re looking to accommodate.

Aside from handpicking all of the elements, you can also work with our team to make your playground project meaningful. For example, the playground can tell a story that promotes your community’s heritage and culture. This can be creatively done, all while building a play or fitness space that promotes a healthy and active community.

Advanced Playground Rendering Tools

playground design rendering

When creating a custom playground, Cunningham Recreation makes sure that our clients can visualize every detail. We have advanced rendering technology that lets you view your playground before it’s even built. This way, you can see how the space ultimately look and how it will be utilized.

Our cinematic videos take things a step further by showing how children and families interact with the equipment. We believe that everyone should feel confident and excited about their playground project before breaking ground!

Custom Playground Ideas to Start Your Project

custom themed playground capabilities

Playground equipment has come a long way over the years. When you work with a company that offers custom playground design capabilities, you’ll quickly see that the sky’s the limit! Here are some custom playground ideas that can jumpstart your project:

  • Playful landscapes that incorporate the natural surroundings – slopes, hillsides, bouncers, etc.
  • Custom metal designs using cubes, towers, ropes and nets
  • Destination playgrounds that share the local history of the community
  • Themed playgrounds for a signature look - castles, pirate ships, outer space, etc.
  • Interactive play equipment, which combines the digital and physical worlds

Cunningham Recreation is more than a playground vendor. We provide professional playground planning and design services using advanced rendering tools. This leads to signature designs that demand attention and become destination spaces in their communities.