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4 Ideas to Encourage Multigenerational Play



Multigenerational playground designs benefit adults and children of all ages. It can be hard to find affordable activities that the whole family can enjoy together, but this isn’t a problem when it comes to multigenerational play spaces. Rather than focusing on the child only, these playgrounds offer something for everyone, such as nature, fitness and music.

Below you’ll find four ideas to encourage multigenerational play at your park. But first, let’s discuss what multigenerational play is and the benefits to expect.

What is Multigenerational Play? What are the Benefits?

Multigenerational play brings generations together through purposeful and meaningful activities. Playgrounds are the perfect places to support this type of play because they offer a safe and comfortable space where everyone can be together.

The benefits of multigenerational play include:

  • Increased self-worth
  • Greater confidence
  • One-on-one attention
  • New ideas and interests
  • Share lessons and stories
  • Improved physical health
  • Greater life satisfaction

4 Ideas to Support Multigenerational Play

1. GT Expression Swings

Expression Swing in Multigenerational Playground Design

GameTime’s Expression Swing is the industry’s first playground swing that lets adults and children swing together. It features a face-to-face design with a bucket seat for children under five and a comfortable, spacious swing for an adult. This way, parents or grandparents can swing with each other while watching their child’s facial expressions.

Now there are more Expression Swing seat styles to accommodate all ages and abilities. The Tandem Expression Swing allows two friends, a younger and an older sibling or even a grandparent and a preteen to swing together. There is also a universal swing seat as well as a toddler seat. All of the Expression Swing seat styles meet all current swing safety standards and guidelines.

2. Outdoor Musical Instruments

Musical Playground Equipment for All Ages

Who said that it wasn’t possible to incorporate musical instruments into an outdoor playground? Outdoor musical instruments build harmonious communities by letting kids play and explore with bells, drums, marimbas, metallophones and chimes. Kids and adults will have a blast making music together and being creative while also spending time outdoors in nature. Music is a universal language.

3. Yalp Sona and Memo

Yalp Playground Equipment

Yalp focuses on interactive play equipment that is relevant and interesting. Two of our top picks for multigenerational play are the Yalp Sona and Yalp Memo.

The Yalp Sona is an interactive dance and play arch where parents and kids can dance and play games in motion. It’s great for getting people up and moving! The Yalp Memo offers interactive play pillars that feature a number of games with simple rules. This interactive playground equipment is sure to build connections between generations.

4. Family Fit Zones

Family-Friendly Playground Fitness Equipment for All Ages

Family fit zones are multigenerational destinations that offer the entire family a place to play, burn calories and make memories. Whether you’re 3 or 63, there is something to enjoy. Parents or grandparents can work out with the fitness equipment, while kids play alongside them. Plus, family fit zones encourage children to start building healthy habits early on.

Parents and grandparents are often open and willing to play with their kids and grandkids at the park, they just don’t know how. By offering these options for multigenerational play, you can create a fun and inviting space for people of all ages. Contact Cunningham Recreation to discuss your plans for a multigenerational play and or outdoor fitness space.