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Benefits of Playgrounds for Churches and Faith Based Organizations


church playground equipment

One of the best gifts you can give to a faith-based organization is a playground from Cunningham Recreation. Children bring enjoyment and vitality to a church congregation. By starting them early, they can build a strong foundation of faith that is passed down from other church members.

But as we know, church can be tedious and tiresome for little ones, so it’s important to make meaningful connections between faith and fun. Let’s explore the benefits of adding playground equipment to your church or faith based organization.

Make Your Church More Inviting

When people see that your church has a nice commercial playground, they’ll know that your facility is welcoming to kids - and probably already has a strong youth program. Families look for this, as they want to know there will be activities to keep their children busy.

Grow Your Base of Younger Church Members

Many churches today struggle with attracting young families because they’re often busy with sports, work and family. However, young families are essential to church congregations, as they bring a fresh perspective to religion. By increasing the number of young members at your church, you can also expect more participation in family events, as well as more volunteers.

Enhance Your Church’s Youth Program

Youth programs strengthen young people’s identities and can help kids gain self-confidence and self-esteem. To create a rewarding youth program, you’ll need a variety of activities such as picnics, team building games and retreats. By having a safe, accessible commercial playground, you can host a variety of activities.

Create a Safe Environment for Families

Whether it’s during mass times or other meetings and events, having a playground gives families a safe place to go. Be sure to add park amenities that will keep everyone comfortable, such as benches, picnic tables and shade structures. These amenities will be a great way to encourage fellowship among church members.

Bring Church Lessons to Life

Kids have trouble sitting through long church sessions, so it’s important to find creative and engaging ways to teach Bible lessons. Having a playground allows youth group leaders to take the kids out to play during discussions. They can act out stories from the Bible and participate in group activities.

Start Planning Your Church Playground Design

Cunningham Recreation can help you design an engaging playground for your faith community. We can help you choose the perfect commercial playground equipment and amenities to accommodate families and children of all ages and abilities. This one investment can help you grow your community and appeal to more young people. Contact us today to discuss your church playground project.