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4 Basic Park Amenities to Increase Foot Traffic at the Park


4 Basic Park Amenities to Increase Foot Traffic at the Park

Are you hoping to increase foot traffic to your community park? Fortunately, this is easy to do when you include the right park amenities. Many people focus on the playground equipment (which is important), but they forget how crucial the details are.

Park amenities are useful features that make your space more comfortable and functional, encouraging people to visit often. Cunningham Recreation offers all the park amenities you need to bring your playground to the next level!

Below are four basic park amenities that will help bring more traffic to your park.

1. Shade Shelters and Structures

All parks and playgrounds should have shade shelters, structures or a combination of both. Shaded areas are some of the most popular places to gather because they provide coverage from the hot sun. Since most people visit the park on warm days, it’s important for them to have a place to cool off.

But there are other ways that playground shade structures can encourage foot traffic. If you place rows of picnic tables and benches under the structure, people in the community can use this space to hold gatherings. Shade shelters also keep playground equipment cool and enhance curb appeal.

2. Community Grills

If you’re planning on creating a space where families can hold gatherings, take the next step and add a few grills. This will make it more appealing to hold small events at your park, whether it be birthday or graduation parties. The grills will serve as a quick and easy place to cook hot dogs, burgers and chicken!

Of course, there doesn’t need to be an event to use these grills. By offering them at your park, families can picnic any time they want. With a wide range of playground equipment and amenities, people will have no problem spending the day at your park!

3. Bike Racks

With gas prices rising, more families are looking to cut costs by staying closer to home and riding their bikes when they can. Offering bike racks is a great way to support these families and encourage a physically active community.

Cunningham Recreation has a number of bike racks to choose from, such as nature-themed racks, simple loop racks and bicycle bollards. Pick the one that’s right for your park!

4. Park Furnishings

If you have a pavilion area with picnic tables and trash receptacles, that’s a great start! But don’t let this be the only seating your park offers. You need benches placed throughout your park as well so that tired kids can take a break and parents can relax and enjoy watching their children play. There are plenty of comfortable seating options available – swing benches, benches with armrests, simple seats and much more! Don’t forget planters at park entrances, courtyards and streetscapes to enhance the appearance and welcome guests.

The best way to keep people coming to your playground is by offering a clean and accommodating space with plenty to do. While the above park amenities may be basic, they will turn your park into a place where everyone wants to be!