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5 Playground Design Ideas for 2022


Looking for playground design ideas for 2022? You’ve come to the right place!

Playgrounds have evolved significantly over the past decade, and we look forward to new and exciting designs and layouts that will make headlines this spring and summer! Below you’ll find five of the top playground design ideas that our own clients are asking for - and why they’ll make great additions to your playground, too.

1. GT VistaRope®

School Playground Design Idea for 2022 Using Ropes

Rope-based play activities are appealing to kids of all ages because they can keep active while exploring the playground. You can incorporate these custom play elements into any playground design - even inclusive designs! GameTime VistaRope® products make every trip to the playground a new adventure.

GameTime VistaRope® play system is our top pick for three very important reasons. First, the GT Wave™ is the industry’s first truly inclusive playground net. Next, VistaRope® play system ropes are an industry-leading, 20mm in diameter, and up to four times stronger than competing playground nets and feature heavy-duty hardware. Last, but not any less important, is the fact that there are multiple variations and play series to choose from like Vista Treetop, Vista Arc, VistaRope Race Series and more.

2. Yalp Interactive Play and Sports Equipment

Modern Yalp Interactive Playground Design

Yalp Interactive play and sports equipment meets the needs of this new generation. These interactive play and sports play structures challenge adults and children of all ages to have fun and be active. Interactive play brings the digital world of gaming outdoors while adding physical activity and educational components. A truly inclusive multigenerational play experience. Here are the five Yalp Interactive play and sports products that Cunningham Recreation offers:

  • Sutu Ball Wall
  • Sona Play and Dance Arch
  • Memo Interactive Play Pillars
  • Toro Interactive Sports Arena
  • Fono Outdoor DJ Booth

Yalp Interactive product games can be changed and updated keeping the fun fresh and new, track usage for play statistics, and add “smart park” and educational features to outdoor physical activity. There is something for everyone and every venue!

3. GT Altus Towers

Tower Playground Equipment

Children love to climb! Playgrounds with climbing activities are among the favorite places for kids to play. In the last decade, the fastest-growing trend on playgrounds is all about climbing higher! Playground towers are play structures with platforms above eight feet. Towers attract people and encourage children to play and explore for longer periods. This year will be no exception…Towers will be all the rage!

GameTime Altus custom towers can give playgrounds a fresh and exciting look that provides children and park guests a higher perspective of the world around them. These custom tower configurations go up to 9, 10 or 12 feet with a variety of roofs, panels and slides to personalize the play experience. If you’re looking to build a themed playground, you can transform these towers into rocket ships, skyscrapers, trees or anything else your heart desires!

4. Lappset Halo Cube and Diamond

Modern Architectural Playground Equipment Design

Modern architectural playground equipment is on the rise, geometric shapes can add interest and create new play experiences for the user. Using the Lappset Halo collection you can add cubes, cuboids and diamonds to your playground design. These play cubes introduce a fascinating play experience. Everyone who tries it says you need to climb inside to really understand it yourself.

Children are able to climb up and into the cubes where they can experience the scenery below and the various play components featured inside the stacked cubes or diamond. Cubes can have a balancing ball, rope nets, fireman’s pole, tube slide and more. The Diamond is a unique play cube that is not sitting flat on the ground, it is standing on one of its corners. Your ability to balance and navigate is tested, providing one of the most challenging and fun play experiences yet!

5. Lappset Premium

Custom Metal Playground Equipment

Modern custom metal playground equipment combines art, architecture and playfulness in a revolutionary way. Lappset Premium custom metal can help you create intriguing playground structures for unique one-of-a-kind play experience as well as adding a striking landmark to your community. Stacked books, giant sea creature or dinosaur with ropes, slides and shade. The sky is truly the limit!

For example, the Lappset Premium: Olives in Spain design features funny shapes, exciting climbing tracks and a tall height with red, olive-shaped structures and includes shade. It’s sure to get noticed - even from afar!

If you’re planning a new playground for your school or community, contact Cunningham Recreation today. Playgrounds are the heart of the community, and with so many new design ideas, you can transform your space and promote healthy, active lifestyles for the young and old alike!