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Commercial Water Play Equipment that Helps Beat the Heat


Playgrounds are plenty of fun during the summer, but kids can get overheated on hot summer days and besides adding water just sounds like FUN. Adding water play equipment and spray features adjacent to playgrounds or in the community, keeps kids cool and busy during the summer months. Water play equipment is a win-win situation because the entire family can be included in the fun.

To beat the heat, here is some of the commercial water play equipment we recommend for your community parks and outdoor recreation spaces. You can incorporate water play elements in an existing park or community center or add a completely new splash pad or spray park to your municipality.

Bubblers and Fountains

Bubblers and fountains can be easily included in a splash pad or spray park. They're very low to the ground so it's not uncommon to see kids sitting on them to keep cool and comfortable. There are different types of bubblers to choose from such as geysers, ground funnels and crackle corns. Interactive fountains are also a hit, as the little ones can get wet without the risk of standing water.

Commercial Water Play Equipment Sprayground


Spraygrounds are a low-maintenance alternative to traditional swimming pools. These playgrounds use both water and electronic controls to create a refreshing experience for kids of all ages. By touching the buttons, kids can trigger the fountains and sprayers. When combined with bright, colorful equipment like mushrooms and dumping buckets, kids will have hours of fun playing in the water.

Splash Pad Spray Equipment

Splash Pads

Splash pads are like spray parks except that they are smaller and geared towards younger children up to 12 years old. That's one of the reasons why they occupy a smaller space than traditional spraygrounds. Also, there is no standing water to reduce the risk for slips and falls. The most popular commercial water play equipment for splash pads includes aqua shooters, ground sprayers and water tables.

Commercial Water Play Mister

Water Misters

Another way to keep cool is by installing water misters at parks and on playgrounds. Playground misting uses clean, natural water to keep kids cool no matter where they are playing. The water is so light, it evaporates before it hits the ground. The best part about installing water misters is that the surfacing stays dry. Adding water misters at various locations in parks and green spaces are great ways for people to stay cooler while enjoying the outdoors.

Contact Us About Commercial Water Play Equipment for Your Spray Park or Splash Pad

Outdoor play is essential for developing kids, and water play features like the ones mentioned above are the perfect way to ensure kids stay safe and cool on hot summer days. To learn more about designing a sprayground or splash pad for your community, contact Cunningham Recreation today.

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