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Why Water Play Equipment is Important at a Playground


Want to know a secret about keeping your playground fun and amusing for kids of all ages? Add some water play! Water play equipment combines the things kids love to do most - play with water and play outside. When you add this equipment to your playground, you open up a new world of opportunity for kids to make believe and play with others.

If you’re on the fence about adding a splash park or water features to your playground, here are some reasons to include water play to your design.

Make Your Playground Attractive for the Summer

Kids love playing in the water, but not all families are equipped to take their kids to a public pool. A park with water gives kids the chance to splash around and get wet without moms and dads worrying about drowning and other dangers. Your playground will be the talk of the town and the one that draws people in for an afternoon of safe water fun.

Water is a Great Sensory Experience

If your goal is to create an inclusive playground design, water play equipment is worth adding. Water provides ample learning opportunities and boosts a child’s physical and cognitive development. Kids of all ages and abilities can play with water by dumping, filling and pouring out containers, as well as experience different textures and sensations.

Encourage Socialization and Learning

An important part of having an inclusive playground is offering many different opportunities for play. This can be difficult at times, as equipment like slides and swings only allow for one or two children. Fortunately, there are many different playground features that promote inclusive play, and water play equipment is one of them. This equipment is designed for socialization, teamwork and imaginative play.

Provide a Safe Water Experience

As we mentioned above, public swimming pools aren’t always the safest places for young children. A splash pad or spray park offers the best of both worlds for parents and kids. Kids can release energy and splash around with water while parents can sit back, relax and watch their kids play. This is far better than chasing them around a pool! You can also consider adding spray features, streams, fountains, dumping buckets and so much more!

Adding water play to your design is made easy when you work with Cunningham Recreation. You can custom design a sprayground or splash pad specifically for your community. Contact us today to discuss your plans and how we can help make them a reality.