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How to Attract Potential Buyers to Your Housing Community or Apartment Complex


Looking to attract more people to your housing community? The real estate industry is doing well, but it’s still important to know what your buyers want. This will help you sell your homes faster, for more money and to a wider group of people. Eventually, you’ll be able to look back at the community you grew.

Below are some tips to help you attract the right home buyers to your community.

Outdoor Spaces for Play and Fitness

It’s not just the home that matters in a housing or apartment complex but also the amenities. Families and young couples look for communities where they can be active, raise their families and find things to do on the evenings and weekends.

Some of the space can be left open for those who want to relax, walk their dogs or have a picnic. The rest of the space can be used for outdoor fitness equipment - shoulder rotators, climbing walls, step trainers and balance beams. Bonus: Those who buy in your community can save on a monthly gym membership!


Playground Equipment

Another way to attract home buyers, particularly families and young couples, is to include playground equipment in your common areas or neighborhood parks. Play equipment should be ADA compliant and accommodate a wide variety of age groups so everyone can play and socialize together.

Cunningham Recreation has affordable commercial playground equipment that a team of volunteers can easily install or take advantage of their play packages. These turnkey solutions are great for communities that are on a tight budget.

Dog Park Equipment

Buying a home offers people more freedom to choose the number and breed of pets they want. It’s a nice change from some apartments and condos! But housing complexes often limit lot size. By offering your community a clean, secure dog park, you’re solving this problem for pet owners. They’ll have access to your dog park equipment at any time, as well as the opportunity to socialize with others.

Add Style and Comfort with Site Furnishings

The last thing we recommend adding to your housing community is site furnishings. These amenities will bring your overall design together and make it feel like a cohesive community. Some of your options for furnishings include comfortable benches for sitting, picnic tables for eating lunch, bike racks, community grills and trash receptacles.

By adding the right amenities to your housing community or apartment complex, you can drive more traffic your way and sell or fill your properties faster. To discuss your options for commercial play structures, dog park equipment and more, contact Cunningham Recreation today.