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What are the Benefits of Dog Agility Equipment?



Agility refers to changing the body’s position quickly and efficiently. This type of training is important for dogs because it helps them run and jump gracefully. Some dogs even participate in agility competitions, though they don’t have to. Dog agility equipment makes it possible for all dogs to run around and play while strengthening their athletic skills.

If your community is looking for ways to enhance your current parks and playgrounds, consider adding commercial dog park equipment to the mix. This way, pet owners can come out and enjoy the fun while giving their four-legged friends some much-needed exercise.

Types of Dog Agility Equipment to Include

To make things easy, Cunningham Recreation offers various packages that include a mix of agility equipment, including doggie crawls and dog hoop jumps. You can also contact our design team and have a custom dog park design put together for you. The type of equipment and number of activities will depend on how advanced you want your dog park to be - novice, intermediate or expert.

Here are some examples of the types of dog agility equipment you can select for your park:

  • Jump overs
  • Open tunnels
  • Weave courses
  • Obedience jumps
  • Teeter totters
  • Dog walks

What are the Benefits of Dog Park Equipment

By adding dog park agility equipment to your public park, your community can enjoy a wide range of benefits. Pet owners can take their dogs to a safe and secure place where they can run around and meet other dogs. This is especially important in apartment complexes and condominiums where dogs are often cooped up and have limited space to run around.

Dogs can also get a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Burn off physical and mental energy
  • Opportunities to build confidence
  • Develop greater self-control
  • Become better at ignoring distractions
  • Strengthen natural instincts
  • Interact with other dogs

Cunningham Recreation offers various dog park agility courses that will provide you with all of the equipment you need to support the dog lovers in your community. To learn more about our commercial dog park equipment and how to incorporate it into your public park, contact us today.