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Why All HOA and Apartment Complexes Need a Playground


Millions of Americans across the country live in apartment complexes and subdivisions associated with a homeowner’s associations (HOAs) or community associations. People choose these communities for various reasons, including the amenities they offer.

Many apartment complexes and HOAs provide swimming pools, playgrounds, sand volleyball courts and fitness centers. Families appreciate having these amenities as they can return home from work, park their cars and enjoy accessible fun within walking distance.

Budget is a major consideration for apartments and HOAs, but at the very least, they should have at least one playground. Playgrounds are an important part of a child’s development. They help kids develop fine and gross motor skills, along with core strength. Let’s cover the many reasons why apartment and HOA playgrounds are a must-have!

See a Greater Return

Location is everything. People are willing to pay more to live near a park or open area. Research shows that living in close proximity to a park boosts home prices by 8% to 20%. Imagine investing in one playground and seeing a higher return from every home, townhome or apartment in your complex! You can get higher rent prices or annual HOA fees by offering at least one playground for children and adults to enjoy.

Attract Families

Community HOAs and apartment complexes that offer a playground with a few adult outdoor fitness stations and park benches tend to attract families. Parents can take their children to the playground while relaxing on a park bench adjacent to the play area or get a quick workout in while the kids play. Playgrounds are the perfect place for families to be active, spend time together, and meet other families and develop friendships within their own neighborhood or apartment complex. Playgrounds are places where memories and friendships are made.

Build a Strong Community

A playground brings neighbors together to enjoy a sense of belonging. When people have these rapports, they’re more likely to be invested in the community and stay at their place of residence. This leads to improved safety, better aesthetics, lower turnover and reduced crime rates, ensuring your complex or HOA maintains a high standard of living.

Separate Your Complex or HOA

As people look around for places to call home, an HOA or apartment complex playground will help you stand out. Playgrounds are welcoming and inviting. By building or upgrading your play equipment, you can entice people to visit your community for a tour. New amenities help you compete with some of the newly renovated complexes that families in your area may be going after.

Pick an Affordable Play Package for Your Community

Without a doubt, every HOA or apartment complex can benefit from having a playground on site! Cunningham Recreation has turnkey playground solutions that are perfect for apartments and housing authorities. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable play packages and free shipping!