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Most Popular Play Events on a School Playground


Looking to design a playground for an elementary school or daycare? With so many design options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! Sometimes it helps to envision the types of activities that kids from your school will be enjoying while using your equipment. This way, you can pick out the best elementary school playground equipment to meet their needs.

Below are some of the most popular play events that take place on school playgrounds across America.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is one of the true classics that has been played since the 19th century. This game is perfect for the playground because there are many places to hide. A wide-open space wouldn’t do this game much justice! Imagine all the places kids have to hide if your playground contains crawl tunnels, tube slides and plastic playhouses.


Another classic, tag involves lots of running around as the child who is “it” chases everyone. Bright, colorful playground equipment is a great option because it allows kids to run safely through the park without injuring themselves. If you add crawl tunnels, bridges, spiral slides and rock climbers, the game of tag gets even more intense.

Imaginative Play

Kids of all ages enjoy imaginative play, though we tend to see it in younger children who engage in parallel play. Fortunately, the equipment you choose can support this type of creative play. For example, Cunningham Recreation has a great selection of play structures, such as school playhouses, country cottage playhouses and green thumb playhouses.

Simon Says

On its own, Simon Says is a great game to play. But playing outdoors adds a whole new element to the game. Kids can challenge each other to climb a rock wall, swing from the monkey bars, slide down the slide, go on the see-saw and more.

Mother, May I

To play Mother May I, kids ask the designated “mother” if they can do something, and the mother replies with either yes or no. If she says no, she can suggest something else they can do like swing on the swings or play a tune on the outdoor musical instruments.

Ball Games

Don’t forget to make sure you include an open space for those kids who like to play soccer, kick the ball, throw the football or other types of sporting games. These type of informal team sports teach teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. It also provides opportunities for children to try new endeavors and develop their skill level.

Thinking of the games students play during recess will help you envision a playground that is safe and enjoyable for all ages. To discuss your project for an elementary school playground, contact Cunningham Recreation today.