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3 Tips on Choosing Playground Surfacing for Maximum Safety


3 Tips on Choosing Playground Surfacing for Maximum Safety

Playground surfacing isn't always the first thing people think of when planning for a playground, but it's one of the most critical parts. In order to maintain a safe environment where kids can run and play, your playground must have durable, shock-absorbing materials like poured-in-place rubber or synthetic turf.

In this post, we share three of our best tips for choosing playground surfacing to ensure maximum safety for your playground.

1. Long Term Durability

When a playground is first built, everything is new and tip top condition. But this doesn't last for long when kids and families start playing at the park daily. This is why you want to choose safety surfacing that offers long term durability. Otherwise, you run the risk of having the surfacing break down and offering less fall attenuation than is required for proper safety.

You can expect to pay more for durability, so do factor this into the overall cost of your project. Some of the best options for durable, long lasting safety surfacing are rubber tile, rubber mulch, artificial turf and poured rubber. These options won't break down easily, offer plenty of cushion and are relatively easy to maintain.

2. Inclusion and ADA Compliance

When designing an inclusive playground, it's important to consider all of the park visitors, children and adults, who will be using your equipment. Inclusion goes beyond ADA compliance. Some children or caregivers that bring their children to the park, might have mobility devices of various type that require a more stable surfacing to really be able to maneuver throughout the play area. These surfaces are flat and allow for easy movement.

Cunningham Recreation offers various ADA compliant playground safety surfacing options like poured-in-place rubber, recycled bonded rubber, recycled rubber tiles and synthetic turf. Some of these surfacing options can be customized with varying thicknesses, edges and transitions.

3. Fall Protection

Safety surfacing is meant to ensure optimal safety for users. It helps prevent serious head injuries caused by falling off high objects like monkey bars, slides and climbing walls. Cunningham Recreation can help you select the best surfacing for your playground.

For example, our poured-in-place rubber offers a 0.5-inch top wear layer that exceeds the industry standard. Our interlocking rubber tiles are also available in varying thicknesses to meet critical fall heights up to 10 feet. We also recommend choosing surfacing with adequate drainage to prevent water from pooling.

Find the Best Playground Surfacing with Cunningham Recreation

You can't skimp on safety surfacing. Not only will it enhance the look and feel of your playground, but also it will protect kids from serious injuries like broken bones, concussions and lacerations. To review your options for high quality, durable and long-lasting safety surfacing, contact Cunningham Recreation today.