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Why Playground Shade Structures are Needed in the Summer Months


Now that the summer season is here, children of all ages are flocking to the parks and playgrounds. How can you ensure your playground is appealing to these families? By adding shade structures!

What are Playground Shade Structures?

One of the best ways to keep your playground cool and comfortable is by adding some shade. This is especially important if your area doesn’t have a lot of trees. By strategically placing the structures over the equipment and picnic tables, you can create a safe and enjoyable space that can be used on the hottest days.

Cunningham Recreation offers shade products that block up to 97% of the sun’s rays. They also cool the covered area by 25 degrees, allowing kids to stay and play for longer. Plus, our playground shade structures are sturdy and colorful, giving your playground a fresh and youthful appearance.

Why are Shade Structures Needed in the Summer Months?

Without a doubt, shade structures are a necessity in the summer. Many areas get hot and humid, seeing temperatures of 90 degrees and up. Without some type of shade, the equipment overheats and families can’t stay and enjoy themselves.

Here are some of the top reasons why shade structures are a necessity - not a luxury - for the summertime:

  • Allows kids to play on the equipment without burning themselves. With 90 degree temperatures, slides can be 140 degrees. If it’s hot for you, it’s even hotter for children. With their thinner skin, it takes just three seconds to get a second degree burn.

  • Increases the lifespan of your equipment. No matter what climate you live in, parks and playgrounds see a lot of wear and tear from inclement weather. Playground shade structures offer protection and extend the life of your equipment.

  • Protects kids from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even a single sunburn can increase a person’s risk for cancer. Not to mention, sunburns are painful and damage skin cells. Shade structures offer exceptional sun protection.

  • Prevents kids from overheating. Even if the temperatures are reasonable for the day, kids get warm quickly when they’re running around. Parents will feel safer at your park knowing their kids are less likely to overheat.

Get an Estimate for Shade Structures

If you have interest in installing shade structures at your community park, contact Cunningham Recreation today for a free estimate. Our durable, long-lasting shades offer UV protection, decrease temperatures by 25 degrees and are aesthetically pleasing.