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4 Benefits of Dog Parks in Communities


4 Benefits of Dog Parks in Communities

In the U.S., 67 percent of households own a pet. Dogs continue to be one of the most popular household pets, sharing strong bonds with their human owners. People love dogs because of the companionship and physical health benefits they offer. However, in communities across the U.S., leash laws are tightening. This may not be a big concern for people with fenced-in yards, but it is for those who live in urban areas.

Fortunately, more communities are advocating for dog parks. These parks give dogs and their owners a place to relax, socialize and play together without the constraints of leashes. If you’re thinking about bringing a dog park to your community, here are four important benefits to consider.

1. Gathering Spot for Pet Parents

Dog parks provide a safe place for pets and their owners to gather. While the dogs are playing, people in the community can socialize, form relationships and exchange information on pet training classes and veterinarians. The benefits are even greater when the dog park is nearby a playground or outdoor fitness park, as families can come together for an afternoon of outdoor activities.

2. Allow Dogs to Run Free

Due to the growing number of leash laws, many dogs don’t have an opportunity to run free. For those without a large fenced-in yard, a dog park is a wonderful place for pets to be free without breaking leash laws or creating damage to property. Plus, dogs tend to get along better with others when they are off the leash because they’re less territorial.

3. Encourage Socialization

Just as kids and parents get to meet others at the playground, the same is true for dogs and their owners. Dogs can run around and play with other animals, squeezing in plenty of exercise and socialization. Humans and their pets can also strengthen their bonds, as they have plenty of green space to throw a ball or play Frisbee. And, of course, pet owners get to chat, helping build a cohesive, inclusive community.

4. Create Better Behaved Pets

Many people report that their dogs are better behaved after spending a day at a dog park agility course. Their pets are able to release energy, roam free without causing problems and socialize with other pets and humans. This is especially important for young pets and high-energy breeds that get into trouble at home out of boredom. With less troublesome pets at home, dog owners are happier and less likely to put their pets up for adoption.

Without a doubt, dog parks are an incredible asset to the community. To discuss your options for adding a dog park to your own neighborhood, contact Cunningham Recreation. We can help you design the perfect dog park, equipped with doggie crawls, dog hoop jumps and stepping paws.