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GameTime THRIVE is a Natural Fit for a Nature Park



Tucked into a cove of pines in a leafy paradise or along a hiking trail, the GameTime THRIVE 450 fits nicely into a Nature Park recreational space using a natural color scheme and a few GTfit outdoor fitness pieces. Together they create a complete workout experience for adults and teenagers ages 13 and up. This fitness space also includes balance, agility, and endurance equipment. With THRIVE and GTfit, the outdoor fitness space at Enterprise South Park, TN shown here offers a wide range of exercise options for people of nearly every fitness level. Furthermore, this fitness design configuration addresses the physical elements that make up a balanced approach to wellness. The equipment enhances muscle, aerobic and core strength, as well as balance and flexibility.

In only 450-square feet, THRIVE provides up to 10 users a high-quality full body workout at once. Each of the stations is designed to be adaptable. Beginners or casual users who want to exercise after a walk along the trail can realize additional health benefits while in nature. Sit-up benches, step-up platforms, and dip-stations offer a "next step" in the fitness journey for those who aren't ready for an intense workout regimen.


Cunningham Recreation can design a multi-generational fitness space that will benefit the entire community. Let us help make health and wellness a priority in your community.