VRPS Promotes Play & Recreation Through Training and Funding Partnership


Virginia Recreation and Park Society (VRPS), PlayCore and GameTime are aligning resources and strategically partnering to promote best practices in parks and recreation, provide quality education, and arm communities with evidence-based resources.

Complimentary professional development symposiums were hosted last month in multiple cities across the state of Virginia. The sessions helped participants effectively fuel their community's passion for play and recreation and empowered stakeholders to become champions for high quality outdoor play and recreation environments that meet the diverse needs of the community in modern times.

The goals of the initiative are to provide training on current trends and research-based practices for play and recreation destinations, funding opportunities for high-quality projects across five service areas and to demonstrate VRPS as an essential contributor to improving the quality of life of families in Virginia.

PlayCore's Center for Outreach, Research & Education is providing statewide professional development services, and GameTime, a PlayCore company, will provide up to $1.5 million in matching funds to assist parks in the VRPS districts create play and recreation destinations that have been thoroughly reviewed to align with research-based best practices. These projects will serve as National Demonstration Sites (NDS) and serve as national models for promoting physical activity, fitness, nature engagement, and inclusion. These projects will assist in providing outcomes and reporting that will be shared with VRPS and their members. National Demonstration Sites promote advocacy at the community and state levels, and collectively will provide resources that align with the mission and strategic plan of VRPS.

Each city's local parks and recreation organization hosted the symposiums designed for mid to upper level professionals in the fields of park and recreation, landscape architecture, and education. The sessions offered Continuing Education Units for professionals and promise to be lively, informative, and educational. Lunch and educational resources were provided by GameTime and Cunningham Recreation.

A webinar will be available for Virginia residents on Monday, April 30 at 2 p.m. EST that may not have been able to attend the events. The webinar will highlight the program, process and how to apply for the funds. To register, visit http://www.playcore.com/events

To learn more about this partnership and ways to participate, please visit: https://www.gametime.com/vrps