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Ron Brown, CPSI

Sales Associate RJR

After spending 10 years in the banking industry from 1975 to 1985, Ron Brown moved to Arkansas to take over the family construction business. Ron started out as a General Contractor building homes in the Northwest Arkansas area, and eventually expanded into the construction of commercial buildings including schools, hospitals, retail stores and daycare facilities.

In 1990, Ron Brown, President of RJR Enterprises, started building parks and playgrounds. Most recently, RJR Enterprises has partnered with Cunningham Recreation, and GameTime playground equipment. RJR Enterprises can offer customers a turnkey park and playground project. RJR offers the highest quality products in the industry including play equipment, fitness equipment, sports equipment, bleachers, pavilions, shade structures and site amenities. RJR Enterprises Inc. has also partnered with Vortex for splashpads. RJR has constructed more than 800 playgrounds and parks, and 75 splashpads.

Ron has over 30 years experience, and between his staff, construction managers and superintendents, RJR Enterprises has over 100 years of experience in all types of construction disciplines. This broad base of experience allows RJR to assume total project responsibility and timely project completion.

When Ron and RJR Enterprises work with clients, they use a consultative approach, one which allows them to most effectively serve their clients’ needs. They ask questions, and then they listen. It is their job to help the customer find the perfect playground, shelter, site amenity, or splash pad that is most appropriate for their space, age group and budget. Ron and RJR Enterprises pledge to give you as much of their time and effort as is necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Ron Brown, RJR Enterprises, Inc. Arkansas