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Play and Fitness Trails the Entire Family Can Enjoy


Play and Fitness Trails the Entire Family Can Enjoy

Getting outdoors and walking as a family is one of the healthiest activities you can do together. It’s a wonderful multigenerational activity that offers endless benefits, such as physical exercise, improved mental health and greater happiness. Plus, you can’t argue with the fact that getting outdoors in any capacity raises levels of vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin that many of us are deficient in.

While your community might be looking for more opportunities to walk, bike and hike, there may be a lack of safe spaces to do this. Fortunately, you can create safe trails without having to do any major renovations. We’ll show you how.

Playful Pathways for Children and Families

Play and fitness pathway at public park

GameTime offers PlayTrails, which can be configured to work with new or existing paths, trails or greenways in your community. Think about some of the areas that already get plenty of traction - perhaps a bike trail alongside a river or a walking path near a playground. If they’re heavily traveled, they make the perfect space to add a PlayTrail.

PlayTrails are not just a simple path, either. They serve a purpose by connecting neighborhoods and communities. Along the trails, you can add play pockets, which are play activities grouped by various themes like ants, trees or bees. They are installed in pockets of play along a path or trail so that kids can stop and explore while having fun.

You can design your own playful path, or use a pre-designed solution like the Forest Creatures Cul-de-Sac Trail. This play path has seven pockets that include things like:

  • Log crawl thrus
  • Spinning leaf seats
  • Vine climbers
  • Tree stumps
  • Fun fact signage
  • Spinning mushrooms
  • Mushroom tables

Fitness Stations for a Quick Workout

Fitness equipment along a trail path

Not only can you add play pockets along trails and pathways, but also you can add fitness stations. Group several different pieces of equipment together, or separate them evenly along designated trails. This allows parents to squeeze in a workout as their kids play and explore on their own.

Fitness stations can serve everyone, but they are especially beneficial for busy parents and grandparents who are ‘actively aging.’ They can bring the family outdoors while squeezing in a few repetitions of leg crunches or squats - and no one will complain that they’re bored! Plus, walking the trails will keep the muscles loose so that people can jump on a fitness station as desired.

Enhance Your Community with Playful Pathways

Unique nature theme playground along a park path

Not every community project needs to be a new playground or fitness park. You can also bring enjoyment by inserting more playful trails and pathways into your community, along with pocket parks and fitness stations. Choose your theme, pick the corresponding signage and watch your trail grow. Families will quickly flock to this space to work out, have fun and explore the world around them.