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Why Your Church Needs a Playground in 2023


Why Your Church Needs a Playground in 2023

A faith-based organization should be a welcoming place - a place where people feel comfortable to grow in their faith and spirituality. There are many ways to create a more inviting church, and a new playground is one of them. A church playground lets people know that families are welcome and celebrated.

If you are thinking about adding new playground equipment to your church, you’ve come to the right place! Cunningham Recreation has affordable playground equipment for churches and faith centers. We can help you choose play equipment that will accommodate your families and grow your church membership.

Below are the main reasons why your church needs a new or updated playground in 2023.

Church Playground Equipment

Increase Church Membership and Attendance

Churches and faith-based organizations often struggle to grow and maintain their church membership and attendance. There are a number of reasons for this, including that families are busy with sports, and children are often bored sitting in church. For families with young children, going to church can quickly become a headache.

Plus, the pandemic has caused a massive decline in church attendance. If your faith center is struggling with membership and attendance as well, you’ll need to think of creative ways to bring people back. Fortunately, a playground makes your church more attractive and gives young families a chance to meet each other and build connections.

Host More Events at Your Faith Center

Having a church playground gives you a great platform for hosting ceremonies, special events, festivals, etc. For example, let’s say that you want to get the word out about your church for the 2023-24 year. In the summer, you can host an Open House and invite the community. All you need is a grill to cook hot dogs, a couple of coolers for water and soda and a few activities.

With new playground equipment, you’ll have no trouble keeping families entertained. The kids will love running around and playing at the park with other children their age, and the parents can mix and mingle. This is how you get your church to grow! When people see how welcoming and family-friendly your church is, they’ll be more likely to commit.

Grow Your Youth Program

Even though playgrounds are mostly associated with young children, their potential doesn’t stop there. Playground equipment has evolved tremendously over the years, and there are plenty of options for older children as well. Many faith-based organizations struggle to find ways for tweens and teens to be involved, so it’s worth considering play equipment!

If you are hoping to grow your youth program in 2023, use some of your budget to build a playground for older kids. Focus on climbing towers, interactive equipment, giant slides, rock climbing walls and more. By adding site amenities like pavilions, shade structures, picnic tables and benches, this space can double up for special events!

These are three great reasons why your church should consider a new or updated playground in 2023. To discuss your plans for playground equipment for your faith center, request a quote from Cunningham Recreation.