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Designing the Right Spectator Seating for a Sports Field


Designing the Right Spectator Seating for a Sports Field

Spectator seating refers to grandstands, bleachers and other seating options found in stadiums, arenas, sports centers and public venues. The thoughtful planning of this seating will determine how comfortable spectators are and how smoothly events run. In addition to the seating itself, you will also have to account for press boxes, storage, dining spaces, restrooms, shade structures and team accommodations.

To help you design the right spectator seating for your sports field, here are a few important tips to keep in mind. If you can follow these suggestions and design with spectators in mind, you’ll have no problem separating your sports venue from others!

What Makes Spectator Seating Important?

Sports Field Spectator Seating Design and Installation at a BMX Track

The majority of sports venues in the U.S. were built before the 20th century, and they gave little consideration to the spectator experience. The goal was to fit as many seats into the venue as possible, even if that cut down on personal space and comfort. You can probably recall times when you’ve gone to events and were literally sitting on top of the person next to you!

Today’s spectators are paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket, and they expect comfort. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to give it to them! The right seating is important because it enhances comfort, creates a better experience and increases customer loyalty and repeat business.

Many sports venues also double up as concert venues, fairgrounds, speedways, etc., and people will be more likely to go when they know they’ll be comfortable and have great views. Bottom line: Investing in spectator seating is one of the best ways to ensure positive experiences at your venue.

Considering Your Options for Spectator Seating

There are many different types of seating, and Cunningham Recreation will be happy to go over your options and the pros and cons to each of them. Some of the most popular types of seating include:

  • Tip-n-roll bleachers
  • Aluminum bleachers
  • Bleacher seating
  • Grandstand seating
  • Plank seating
  • Stadium chairs
  • Stadium press boxes

Tips for Choosing the Best Seats for Spectators

Spectator Seating for Tennis Courts and Sports Arena

Many factors play into the type of spectator seating you choose, including your space and budget. For example, luxury, high-back chairs are going to have a higher price tag and require more space than bleachers. Some factors to keep in mind when designing your sports field are:

  • Product longevity. You only want to buy your seating once. Choose stadium seats that are durable and long lasting. If the venue is outdoors, make sure the seating can withstand the outdoor elements.
  • Capacity. How many people do you want your sports venue to hold? Grandstands and high-capacity bleachers have the greatest capacity, but they also require people to sit close together.
  • Sightlines and views. To provide a good viewing experience, most spectator seating is elevated. Consider good sightlines as well - the better they are, the more likely people are to stay seated during the game.
  • Accessible and safe. ADA accessible seating is available for public venues. It provides wheelchair seating or ADA accessible ramps. Also account for safety issues, such as fire regulations and distancing between concessions and restrooms.

Cunningham Recreation will be happy to help you choose the best spectator seating for your sports venue, along with the appropriate shade structures to keep spectators comfortable. Contact our team today for a free quote!