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Obstacle Course Fitness For All Ages and Abilities


Obstacle Course Fitness For All Ages and Abilities

If you’re looking to keep individuals and families in your community healthy and active, an obstacle course is the perfect way to make this happen. Obstacle courses combine physical activity with fun for the whole family. Even though obstacle courses are most common among parks, schools and recreation centers, they can be installed almost anywhere!

To accommodate people of all ages and abilities, here are a few ideas for fitness courses for your active community.

GT Challenge Course for All Ages

Playground Obstacle Course - Challenge Course by GameTime

Challenge Course by GameTime® is an outdoor obstacle course fitness experience for children, adults, and families. GT Challenge Course comes in Youth and Pro series. These preconfigured obstacle course designs make it fast and easy to select a course that fits your space and budget. You can also design your own course by choosing from more than a dozen obstacles.

Cunningham Recreation is proud to offer the Challenge Course Pro series through GameTime, which is designed for users 13 and up. It’s the perfect way for teens and adults to participate in a fun, social and competitive fitness experience. Some of the best places to install this equipment are middle and high schools, community wellness centers, college universities and outdoor parks. Challenge Course Youth series accommodate ages 5-12 and is perfect for elementary schools and youth programs.

Additional amenities, like precision timing systems and a 40-yard dash, can be added to enhance your fitness course experience. You can choose from multiple surfacing options like synthetic turf, poured-in-placed rubber, or engineered wood fiber. Synthetic turf allows for added customization with logo and graphics. Add benches, shades, and other amenities to complete your obstacle course destination.

KidCourse® for Children 5 to 12

KidCourse Playground Equipment

GameTime took everything they learned from inventing outdoor obstacle courses and made them more compact and affordable. KidCourse® utilizes commercial playground equipment that’s compliant with ASTM standards for ages 5 to 12 and creates fun, exciting obstacle courses for parks, schools, and other youth organizations.

Not only do KidCourse® events encourage physical activity, but also they help kids with memory and problem solving, strength and balance, sensory processing and coordination. You can create an exciting fitness experience at your local park or enhance recess or physical education at an elementary school.

The Stadium - A Complete Experience in a Compact Design

The Stadium Playground Obstacle Course

Cunningham also offers The Stadium through GameTime, a complete obstacle course experience packed into one small design. It features 10 unique challenges in less than 1,200 square feet, making it ideal for urban spaces, recreation centers and schools.

Each element of The Stadium was carefully chosen to ensure it would meet the needs of children ages 5 to 12. There are multiple routes of travel so that kids can pick their path and choose differently every time. Some of the experiences include twisted ladders, floating boards, mountain climbers and leaning walls.

Add an Obstacle Course to Your Outdoor Space

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space with something out of the box, an obstacle course is the perfect way to achieve this goal. These various types of obstacle courses combine physical activity with fun, and they can accommodate large groups at once! Contact Cunningham Recreation to discuss our obstacle courses: Challenge Course Pro and Youth Series, KidCourse® and The Stadium.