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5 Cost-Saving Ideas for Your Apartment Complex Playground


Apartments provide a safe and affordable place for young families to live. While apartment living comes with many benefits, one of the main drawbacks is lacking a backyard. By providing a playground in your apartment complex, you can solve this challenge for families and make them feel at home!

Of course, many apartment complexes are working with tight budgets, so they must be creative with what they do. Fortunately, Cunningham Recreation makes it easy to fulfill your vision while staying on budget. Here are five cost-saving ideas for your apartment complex playground.

1. Choose a Playground Package

One of the easiest ways to save on playground equipment is by purchasing a playground package. Cunningham Recreation has a great selection of turnkey playground packages that include everything you need for a successful setup:

  • Age appropriate play structure
  • Engineered wood fiber (EWF) safety surfacing
  • Play curbs
  • ADA ramp
  • Certified installation
  • Free shipping

To order one of these packages, simply measure your site, determine what age group you’re looking to accommodate and order your playground package!

2. Shop Online

Before you limit yourself to local playground companies, widen your search by considering online companies as well. As long as the company is well-established, you should get the same experience as if you were to work with a local company.

Cunningham Recreation has been in business since 1996, and our team of professionals has been designing and installing playgrounds for over 50 years. Let us know what you need and we'll provide you with personalized service. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on playground structures.

3. Opt for DIY Installation

Another way to save on your apartment complex playground is by opting for DIY installation. If you choose a playground package from Cunningham Recreation, you don’t have to worry about this since it’s included in the price!

However, if you purchase playground equipment separately through our company, you’ll have the option for DIY installation. Don’t be put off - our equipment is very easy to install and comes with installation manuals.

4. Order from the Same Vendor

When you order from different vendors, you miss out on cost savings. This is because the more you buy, the more you save. With the price of shipping these days, you don’t want to end up paying for shipping through several different vendors. And, by ordering from the same vendor, you get all of your equipment at the same time.

5. Utilize Your Natural Surroundings

At Cunningham Recreation, we strongly advise utilizing your natural surroundings when possible. For example, you can save on shade structures by installing park benches near trees. Large boulders, rocks or small hills can serve as rest spots. You may even be able to incorporate already-installed benches, picnic tables and trash cans into your space.

To discuss your apartment complex playground, get in touch with Cunningham Recreation today. We can help you achieve your goals for one affordable price!