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5 Proven Ways to Attract New Tenants to Your Neighborhood


The best way to attract tenants to your neighborhood is by offering a high quality rental in a great location, and at the best price. But it’s not just the layout of the property that renters are concerned with - they also prefer to live in areas that have plenty of amenities and close access to parks, sports complexes, schools and shopping centers.

Let’s look at five proven ways to drive the best tenants to your neighborhood or apartment complex. If you follow these tips, it won’t be long before you have an active, vibrant neighborhood that people want to be a part of!

1. Upsell the Add-Ons

People want the best bang for their buck, so it’s important to upsell the extra features and add-ons that your property will offer. This can include stainless steel appliances, extra storage, built-in wardrobes, central air conditioning, dishwashers, walk-in closets, soak-in tubs and balconies. Take professional staged photos of the property so that people can envision themselves living there.

2. Make the Exterior Attractive

It pays to do a little bit of landscaping that will make your rental community look attractive and well-maintained. Make a front flower bed, set out potted flowers, put in landscaping rocks and make sure the lawn is neat and tidy. Signs that say “Welcome Home” can also be a nice touch.

3. Build a Playground


Families typically make good renters because they need a safe and stable place to live with their children. To encourage more families to live in your neighborhood, offer amenities that will make their lives easier, such as HOA playground equipment, basketball court, picnic tables, benches and even outdoor grills. Create multigenerational outdoor spaces to encourage families to go outside and be active; encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Cunningham Recreation has turnkey solutions for housing authorities, apartment complexes and HOAs. In one simple purchase, you can offer residents a safe place for their kids to run, play and socialize constructively. Our playground packages include safety surfacing, play curbs, an ADA ramp, certified installation and free shipping.

4. Offer a Dog Park

Another amenity that tenants are increasingly looking for is a dog park. It can be difficult to live in an apartment complex or condo association with a dog because there are no yards to run around and play in. A dog park provides a secure environment where pets (and their owners!) can play and socialize. To make the dog park more friendly, be sure to include park benches and a pet drinking fountain.

5. Create a Fitness Area

You can also make your rental community stand out with a fitness center. Many apartment complexes do this with a small indoor gym, but you can take things to the next level by offering outdoor fitness equipment. This way, parents and kids can spend time in the fresh air while strengthening their connections with other residents in the community.

And bonus - if you offer an outdoor fitness park, tenants can save on expensive gym membership costs. Everything they need to live a healthy and active life will be on-site at your complex. To discuss your options for adding a playground, dog park or fitness area to your rental community, contact Cunningham Recreation today.