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How Communities Benefit from Destination Playgrounds


How Communities Benefit from Destination Playgrounds

Destination playgrounds are typically larger playgrounds set in an attractive location where people visit often. Whereas neighborhood playgrounds bring in people who live nearby, destination playgrounds draw in large crowds from surrounding areas. This is why these playgrounds are often substantial in size, as they can accommodate hundreds of children at once!

If you are interested in adding a destination playground to your community, there are many benefits to look forward to. Most destination playgrounds are custom-designed to highlight the location’s history or culture, as well as incorporate natural elements. This makes them distinct, attracting people from all over the country!

Below are some of the ways that communities benefit from destination parks.

Instill Community Pride

Destination Playground Design

People who live in socially connected communities are more likely to thrive. Research shows that residents who feel connected have a greater sense of security, belonging and trust in their community, as well as better physical health.

Destination parks do an effective job of instilling community pride in its residents - and showing it off to visitors! These parks can incorporate the community’s history and culture. If you’re not sure what reflects and honors the neighborhood, ask around! Long-time residents will be happy to share their feedback.

Distinct from Other Playgrounds

Naturally, you want your playground to be the one people visit. But it’s hard to compete when it looks like everyone else’s! Fortunately, you can change this by choosing a unique theme and popular destination. Your playground will be able to accommodate many children at once, and you’re going beyond predictable equipment like swings and slides.

Some of the most popular equipment/features included in destination parks are:

  • Boulders and nets
  • Treehouses, teepees and castles
  • Rope structures
  • Customized color schemes
  • Unique themes - castle, train, beach, pirates
  • Interactive play elements like musical instruments and Yalp Interactive Play and Sports Equipment
  • Outdoor fitness equipment/obstacle courses

Bring People in the Community Together

As long as your playground has the right amenities - picnic tables, benches, grills, trash receptacles, shade structures - you can turn this spot into a usable destination for birthday parties, picnics, celebrations, Girl Scout meetings and more. People from the community will pick your playground to host these events, as they’ll be able to accommodate large groups of children and adults while keeping them busy.

Inclusive Play

Inclusive Playground Equipment

Destination playgrounds go beyond ADA requirements to create a truly magnificent play space that appeals to children of all ages and abilities. An inclusive playground design is absolutely a must for these larger destination parks. Structures with that are fully accessible to children in mobility devices, as well as sensory play are two very important requirements. Another consideration when designing a destination park with inclusive playground equipment is to look for multigenerational activities. For instance, an expression swings allow kids to swing with a parent or grandparent. The Yalp Sona dance and play arch is another great inclusive multigenerational piece. Swings with adaptive seats are also available for children with limited upper body strength and mobility. When every child’s needs are met, they can play side-by-side with their peers, build meaningful connections and make memories.

Design Your Destination Playground Today

If you are ready to take the next step of designing and building a destination playground, contact Cunningham Recreation today. One of our representatives will be happy to go over your vision and the ways we can bring it to life!