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The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors


Exercising outdoors offers a unique set of benefits that you can't get from an indoor workout. Many people are aware of these unique benefits but they lack functional spaces where they can exercise outdoors. It's just easier to go to the gym! Plus research shows that people who exercise outdoors stay with it longer than those that workout inside at a gym.

However, with the pandemic, more people are looking to bring their workouts outdoors because it's easier to social distance and they can fight cabin fever. Thankfully, outdoor fitness equipment opens up new opportunities for exercising in the fresh air and sun.

Below you'll find the main benefits of exercising outdoors.

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It's a Natural Antidepressant

Outdoor activities can boost the mood and fight off seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression and anxiety. Sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that affects the mood. And exercise itself is a natural endorphin booster, so you can enhance your mood and decrease pain just by spending time outdoors.

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There's Plenty of Variation

Ever get tired of working out in the same gym day after day? Mother Nature is never boring! People can match their workout space to their mood. Need to recharge and connect with nature? A walk through a trail or playful pathway is refreshing. Want to gain energy and challenge the body? A fitness course alongside others provides a rigorous workout.

Exercising Outdoors at Public Park

It's Free - and Safe!

Average gym memberships cost around $500 a year. The first year is usually most expensive because you have to pay enrollment and initiation fees. However, it costs nothing to exercise outdoors so people can save this money for something else!

And, we can't ignore the practical benefit of outdoor exercise being safe. We are still living through a pandemic and gyms are hotspots for spreading germs. It's safer to work out outdoors because fresh air is constantly moving, dispersing droplets and aerosols that would otherwise make people sick.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

Research shows that physical activity outdoors lowers blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, an outdoor workout can actually feel less strenuous even though it's challenging your body more! And, there are so many ways to be active outdoors so it's less stressful than being in a gym or operating equipment.

Results Show Quickly

People are often surprised to see how quickly they can get results by exercising outdoors. Rather than sitting on a stationary bike, they can get a full workout in 25 minutes during their lunch break. The time goes by a lot faster, the workouts are less painful and you can challenge the body in many ways.

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Outdoor physical activity provides a full-body workout while allowing people to socialize and reap the benefits of Vitamin D and fresh air. Cunningham Recreation is committed to helping communities be healthy and strong. We can help your community do the same by creating safe places to work out such as challenge courses, fitness parks to include GT Thrive units, outdoor fitness stations and more. Contact us today to discuss your project!