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How Towers Can Take Playgrounds to a Whole New Level


How Towers can Take Playgrounds to a Whole New Level?


A common challenge for communities is how to keep their parks and playgrounds fun and entertaining for all ages. After all, there are only so many things to do at a given park. Fortunately, playground companies like Cunningham Recreation continue to offer new and innovative equipment to keep parks interesting. And one of the latest tower additions is the GameTime Altus. A playground tower with design flexibility.

What are Playground Towers? How Can They Enhance a Public Playground?

Playground towers are preconfigured structures that can be added to any playground design. They are usually around eight feet tall or higher, and they provide an excellent

view of the playground area. Kids love to feel like they're on top of the world!

Whether a community is looking to enhance their current playground design or build a new structure, a playground tower can be a great addition. These towers are packed with things to do and can include spiral slides, flexible climbing platforms and crawl tunnels.

playground tower with slides

Here are some reasons to add a tower to a new or existing playground design:

  • New perspectives. Being so high off the ground certainly gives kids a new perspective of their surroundings. Kids love making it to the top of the playground and then waving to Mom or Dad or watching their friends play down below.
  • More noticeable. Want to draw more attention to your playground? A tower is an excellent way to do this. People will notice the park from far away, separating it from other outdoor play spaces in the area.
  • Increase self-confidence. Climbing high allows kids to develop self-confidence and resilience, as well as spark creativity and imagination. Towers are a great addition to popular playground games like capture the flag, tag or hide and seek.
  • Work within tight quarters. Some playgrounds have to fit within small spaces, particularly those in urban neighborhoods. Instead of building wide, build up! Towers allow for this with roof heights up to 18-feet tall.
  • Complete a themed playground. If you have a theme in mind for a community playground, a tower can help bring it together. There are numerous options for paneling, stairs and slide configurations to carry out your theme – from timber slats for a natural nature theme or a more modern futuristic look.

Keeping Playground Towers Safe with Safety Surfacing

Thanks to advances in playground safety surfacing, towers are more popular than ever before. At Cunningham Recreation, we recommend options like poured in place rubber and recycled rubber tiles. These materials offer superior shock absorption, minimal maintenance and extended wear. They're also available in many colors to complete a themed playground.

Ready to take your playground to a whole new height? To learn more about Cunningham Recreation's playground tower product lines, contact us today.