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6 Benefits of Interactive Play and Sports Products



Are kids in your community spending enough time outdoors?

A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that children are spending 7 hours and 38 minutes on their electronics every day. This leaves very little time for good old fashioned outdoor play, which kids should be getting at least 30-60 minutes of each day.

So how can kids in your community be encouraged to spend more time outdoors? Yalp Interactive play and sports equipment is the solution. These custom playgrounds combine sports equipment with digital gaming for well-rounded, attractive fun for all ages.

Below are six benefits of offering interactive play and sports products in your community.


1. Get a Great Workout

Interactive play equipment gives kids and families a great workout. For example, the Yalp Sona Play and Dance Arch from Cunningham Recreation is 40 percent more intense than basketball! This is a great option for families with children of all ages. The Sona is truly the most inclusive and multigenerational interactive product. A great choice for any park or playground.

2. Offer Opportunities for Risky Play

Risky play in early childhood can develop a child’s self-esteem, resilience and risk management skills. And believe it or not, this type of play can actually decrease injuries - not increase them. Fortunately, interactive playgrounds provide opportunities for kids to explore their boundaries and test their limits while being safe.

3. Encourage Multigenerational Play

All of the Yalp interactive playground products from Cunningham Recreation encourage multigenerational play. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the digital aspect of this play. For example, our Interactive Ball Wall, the Sutu, has a mobile app that allows kids in the community to compete against each other. The games can also be updated as frequently as you like.

4. Reinforce Classroom Learning

Children lose up to 40 percent of learning over summer break. Bringing them to an interactive playground can sharpen their skills and decrease the amount of learning lost. Our Memo Interactive Play Pillars, for instance, reinforce classroom material using digital gaming and physical activity.

5. Positive Meeting Place for Preteens and Teens

Preteens and teens often have a hard time finding places where they can hang out without getting into trouble. Fortunately, interactive sports parks are designed for kids and teens of all ages. Be sure to check out our outdoor Interactive DJ Booth that features a robust design and lets kids play music from their smartphones.

6. Support Inclusive Play

All of our interactive play and sports equipment is inclusive. As an example, the Toro Sports Arena provides a safe place for kids to kick around a soccer ball, and other type games with other kids in the community. This is a great option for kids who don’t want to be on a competitive team or those who want to work on their skills during the off-season.

To learn more about the interactive equipment from Cunningham Recreation, contact us today. We can put together a custom quote for your organization based on the types of equipment you want for your community.