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How Outdoor Fitness Equipment Can Help Parents Stay Fit


How Outdoor Fitness Equipment Can Help Parents Stay Fit Revised?

Many people struggle to fit in exercise once they become parents. Gone are the days when they could wake up early and squeeze in a run or head to the gym after work. However, parents realize they can’t put physical activity on the back burner. Regular exercise reduces the risk for heart disease, high cholesterol and some cancers. It’s also a great way to boost the mood and relieve stress.

With the undeniable benefits of exercise, parents are always looking for creative ways to sneak in exercise. By offering your community a playground with outdoor fitness equipment, you’re giving families what they need to stay healthy and active.

What are Outdoor Fitness Parks?

Outdoor fitness equipment is becoming more popular but it’s still a challenge to find in most communities. For communities that do have some equipment, it’s usually just a few machines sprinkled throughout a workout trail. Families need more than this!

By creating a parent-friendly fitness zone near a playground, parents can get a workout while their kids play. There’s no need for babysitters or childcare, saving parents a great deal of money and time. What a wonderful way to encourage an active community that enjoys improved health, happiness and socialization.

Benefits of Adult Fitness Parks for Parents

Playgrounds have always played a vital role in our communities, but the pandemic has made them even more essential. People are spending more time in their neighborhoods and looking for safe, easy activities they can enjoy as a family. By providing an outdoor fitness park, you can draw parents in for a workout while their children play nearby.

Benefits of offering an outdoor fitness park in your community are:

  • Encourage healthy habits
  • Strengthen bonds among community members
  • Turn your community into a fitness destination
  • Reduce stress and inactivity levels
  • Support a healthy, active community
  • Offer age-appropriate products for multigenerational fun

Outdoor Fitness Solutions for Everyone

So how can you put together an outdoor fitness park that everyone will want to use? It’s simple. Make sure to include commercial adult outdoor fitness equipment adjacent to your playground that will provide a total body workout for all fitness levels.

Cunningham Recreation has just the right solution for your community. Using GT Fit stations or a THRIVE outdoor gym compact fitness structure can provide a complete workout – muscle, core, aerobic, flexibility and balance. Or, take a look at our GameTime Challenge Courses that provide obstacle course activities the entire family can enjoy. You can also design a Family Fit Zone. Again, this “Family Fit Zone” is one the entire family can come and enjoy as it includes traditional play equipment, Yalp Interactive play and sports equipment as well as adult outdoor fitness. These designs can range in size and cost depending on your space and budget.

You don’t have to take our word for it - outdoor fitness parks are the next best thing in family friendly communities! Contact Cunningham Recreation to learn more about our outdoor fitness solutions.