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4 Benefits of Building a Custom Playground


4 Benefits of Building a Custom Playground

There are plenty of great reasons to choose a custom playground design, even though they tend to be more of an investment. As with other products, selecting a custom design gives you the freedom to pick and choose exactly what you want. You can customize the safety surfacing, select unique equipment and even opt for a themed playground that fosters kids’ imaginations.

A custom playground is sure to stand out in your community. And isn’t this what you want to see around your neighborhood - kids enjoying outdoor time where they can burn off energy and meet new friends? Below are four benefits of building a custom playground.

1. Select Inclusive Equipment

One of the biggest benefits of designing a custom playground is that you can select an inclusive design with the appropriate equipment. Today’s playground equipment suppliers offer a wide range of options, including adaptive swing seats, sensory play and multigenerational fitness equipment. With an inclusive playground design, you can offer families in your community a safe place to play and stay fit together.

2. Pick a Theme

Another perk of selecting a custom playground is the option to choose a specific theme. This way, your park will be known as “the farm or dinosaur theme playground” or “the one with all of the musical components.” This is how kids learn to identify the parks they want to play at, so you can expect a positive reputation and more visitors.

Plus, custom designed play equipment often pulls in some of the community’s heritage and culture as part of the theme, or the theme will mesh well with the surrounding environment. For example, if your park is going in an open area with lots of green space, you can opt for a nature-inspired theme. Or, if your playground will be outside an apartment complex in the city, you can choose a modern design with clean lines and an architectural look and feel.

3. Add Value to Your Space

Whether you’re in charge of designing a playground for a municipal park, school, church or neighborhood community, you can add plenty of value by picking a custom design. A neighborhood with new playground equipment will attract prospective buyers and increase property values. The same goes for early childhood centers, churches and other organizations. Families are more likely to choose facilities that offer the latest amenities.

4. Ensure 100% Satisfaction

Last, a custom playground ensures 100% satisfaction. You’re not just picking out a design and letting the playground supplier do the rest. You’ll be able to customize every detail, including the layout, colors, safety surfacing and equipment. No other park will look like yours, and you’ll be able to provide your community with a safe, secure and inclusive environment with a unique user experience.

Custom playgrounds can also accommodate small or awkward spaces, a common problem in urban areas. These “pocket parks” benefit urban communities by reducing crime and reducing the number of vacant lots.

Start Your Custom Playground Today

Not everyone requires a custom playground, but it is an option worth considering, especially if you have the budget. And even if you're on a limited budget, a custom park can still work. Rather than spending money on the things you don’t need, you can invest it into the things you want. To discuss your vision for an upcoming playground design project, contact Cunningham Recreation today.