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Why Every Housing Complex Must Have a Dog Park


Owning a rental community or apartment complex requires you to wear many hats. One of your roles is to make your community a safe and enjoyable place for residents to live. Not only does this bring in better tenants but also it boosts retention as well. While there are many things you can add to your apartment complex to achieve this goal, a dog park is at the top of the list.

Roughly 85 million or 67 percent of American households own a pet. Of these, 63.4 million own a dog. If you’re looking to appeal to a wider pool of tenants, adding a dog park to your rental community will surely attract the attention you’re looking for. Here are the reasons why every housing complex should have a pet-friendly dog park.

Create Socializing Spaces

People are more likely to renew their lease when they’re content in their current living environment. While adding amenities and taking care of your property are surely ways to accomplish this, nothing quite compares to building ties within the community.

By offering a pet park, you bring together people with a shared interest - dogs! As people meet each other and talk about their four-legged friends, they’ll end up forming connections that make apartment living feel like home.

Welcome Responsible Pet Owners

Not all apartments accept pets, and for those that do, there are often strict rules to follow. While all of this is understandable, it can also steer good tenants away. Fortunately, your complex can be the change.

You’ll still need rules, but having a dog park lets prospects know that their pets are welcome. Plus, having a safe space for dogs to run around and play leads to better-behaved pets. Dogs are far less likely to get in trouble when they’ve had time to be outdoors.

Encourage a Wider Pool of Prospects

With so many housing complexes to choose from, it’s the amenities that draw people into specific communities. Adding dog park accessories to your rental property will make it more attractive to people with pets. Not only do the dogs get to run around leash-free, but also pet owners have the chance to socialize and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

We know that many people worry about a dog park becoming an eyesore, but rest assured they can be clean and beautiful! It all starts with the right amenities - the right dog park surfacing, comfortable park seating, waste management, signage and park rules and a water source for thirsty animals.

Cunningham Recreation can help you build an amazing dog park with all the latest features for an affordable price. Contact us today to discuss your vision for your housing complex.